The story it is a changin’

Stories changing .. something is very odd here.. every account about flight 370 has altered. Officials now have Released New Last Words for Missing Malaysia Flight » Something is weird here.. Every single story and every single “fact” we thought we knew or know about missing Flight 370 is wrong. And now even the LAST … Read moreThe story it is a changin’

Case of the Mondays: A cold spring rundown of the horrific happenings from hell. Selfies abound.

It snowed a LOT last night .. Not everywhere.. Maybe you have beautiful warmth and sun.. Maybe you have rain.. maybe a landslide.. typhoon.. name that disaster. But here in HORROR REPORT land, we had over 7 inches of snow after the flooding rain made the switch. A reminder that March can end like a … Read moreCase of the Mondays: A cold spring rundown of the horrific happenings from hell. Selfies abound.

As the weather turns

Rain suddenly changed to THIS tonight: Pretty certain that this is not how the end of March should be looking, but it is exactly how it looks here in Northern Schuylkill County tonight.. BUT It’s spring dammit. And that’s how I’m dressing.

Nothing to see here

Russia’s Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill » On Thursday, 10,000 Russian troops began a drill simulating the massive use of nuclear missiles. It’s only just a drill … only just a drill.. only just a drill. BUT as Ronald Reagan would say…. ‘we begin bombing in five minutes’

Yellowstone shaking

So.. did we just find out why animals were running out of Yellowstone? I just wrote this morning about quakes in LA and Oklahoma.. but I didn’t speak much about Yellowstone. And BOOM.Shake>QUAKE. A major one, too..A 4.8 magnitude quake struck Yellowstone in Wyoming this morning.. The Yellowstone quake was preceded by a 3.0 foreshock … Read moreYellowstone shaking

Saturday night live

Blast back to 1995.. things weren’t all that great but the tomorrows were as bad as they seemed.  And Oasis was king.For a day. Some might say.. Saturday night live! A blast from the past to the band that people predicted would become the next ‘Beetles’ but never did.[youtube]