U.S. Moves Six Fighter Jets to Baltics, More Airmen to Poland »

The U.S. military is increasing its presence in Poland and the Baltics in response to the crisis in Ukraine, officials said Wednesday…. So much for not ratcheting up tensions, I guess… Russia firing off ICBMs.. The United States reestablishing its Cold War footing. Secretary of Defense Hagel also said supplying additional arms to Ukraine would be … Read moreU.S. Moves Six Fighter Jets to Baltics, More Airmen to Poland »


Mass. High Court: Subway Upskirt Photos Not Illegal! » Ok.. I get the first amendment.. I get it. But upskirt photos? I also get common sense. And I sense this is a bad decision.. I received a comment about this:  Yeah, I know the law can be subtle, but if upskirt photos are legal, so is … Read moreUPSKIRT BERSERK

A mighty fine ash

From my other site, the COAL SPEAKER My Daily Doodle for Ash Wednesday.. inspired by a few things.. First off, it’s inspired by some of my funniest times in life, Catholic High School in the late 1990s. Which explains, perhaps, why my priest image looks a little but like former President Bill Clinton. Slightly. Also, … Read moreA mighty fine ash