As you go to sleep.. pray the Gentlemen will not creep

A friend of mine reminded me tonight some of the greatest and freakiest horror characters in history: The Gentlemen.

They starred in a BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER episode in 1999 before the turn of the century.

They were a group of demons that roamed from town to town and needed human hearts to stay alive.

I always wondered with Joss Whedon based the GENTLEMEN on.. Perhaps Slenderman? Maybe the men in black.. Not the Black Eyed Children, since the BEKs are more of a new found group of paranormal entities.. The answer appears to be this: Whedon had a dream when he was a child about a floating monster approaching his bed.

Doug Petrie said they were the creepiest villains ever done on BUFFY ..
He’s right.

Only 17 minutes of the 44 minutes of HUSH had dialogue.. it was the only episode of the series to get an Emmy nomination.

If you don’t remember the episode HUSH here’s a clip of the gentlemen and the creepy song that accompanied them.

Sleep well..


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