THERE HAVE BEEN RUMORS FOR YEARS ABOUT THE BEHAVIOR OF JOSS WHEDON ON VARIOUS MOVIE SETS.. Now the Buffy stars are coming back from the dead to slay..

Charimsa Carpenter expressed dismay over Whedon’s behavior on the set of BUFFY.. she played a high school cheerleader Cordelia Chase in three seasons if BUFFY and five seasons of ANGEL. She alleged that Joss Whedon was abusive towards her on the set…

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Michelle Trachtenberg have publicly expressed support for their former co-star Carpenter ..

Saying she could “no longer be silent” after previously making “excuses for his behaviour”, the actress claimed Whedon “abused his power” during the series’ run, including “ongoing, passive-aggressive threats to fire” her, and discriminating against her after became pregnant in 2002.. She alleged that Whedon called her in for a meeting in which he asked whether she was going to “keep it”, before describing her as “fat” to colleagues and putting stress on her pregnancy by making her work a late-night shoot as a “retaliatory” measure.

BUFFY herself Gellar said she was proud to have her name associated with Buffy Summers but does not want it associated with Joss Whedon!

Whedon’s name has been associated with a number of abuse allegations throughout the years.. SCREEN RANT has compiled the full listing..

What if the strike ends and no one cares?
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