Case of the Mondays: A cold spring rundown of the horrific happenings from hell. Selfies abound.

It snowed a LOT last night .. Not everywhere.. Maybe you have beautiful warmth and sun.. Maybe you have rain.. maybe a landslide.. typhoon.. name that disaster. But here in HORROR REPORT land, we had over 7 inches of snow after the flooding rain made the switch. A reminder that March can end like a lion, too.. and that April could still be rough. Take nothing for granted, not even beautiful blue skies. It can change rapidly..

And news does, too.. here’s the latest rundown of things making me scared today..

As if Kim Jong Un is not worrying enough, this happened hours ago: North Korea and South Korea traded fire during military drills–real fire. Real artillery.   Residents on five front line islands in South Korea were in shelters for hours ..

(When will this stop being ‘breaking news’?) New debris has been sighted but no confirmed signs of the Flight 370.. I think there is a larger story we are missing: The oceans are apparently (and obviously) littered with garbage and ‘debris’ as far as the eye can see.. Nice work humans.

Experts are now saying that a major quake on the Puente Hills fault line may actually do more damage to Los Angeles than one along the San Andreas! After aftershock weekend, this is the only thing on Los Angelenos’ minds..

But just get into the mindset of people from Southern California right now.. They have a beautiful state and, besides Hollywood, the area is filled with good people. And they are being told that up to 18,000 of them could die if a big one hit.. Of course, as the UK DAILY MAIL points out, in our selfie culture, it’s sort of what everyone did after the series of weekend quakes.. They didn’t do THAT in 1906! OR … did they? My God.. I think they did!?
Danger: These selfies were taken as the 5.1 magnitude earthquake was rumbling through Los Angeles on Friday night
After I read the DAILY MAIL piece about the selfie culture, I found so many photos from the great 1906 San Francisco earthquake in which people were posing in front of rubble.. ruins.. and remnants. I think it’s because, in a sense, the selfie is just a piece of human nature. It documents the fact that “you were there” .. that you saw what you saw, and for the record, you lived through it.. Just as those who wore those cloaks and vestments of the 1900s did as they sternly posed for the camera with debris and death behind them, we do the same now.. Perhaps nothing has really changed. Maybe nothing has ever been the same.. But the selfie has always been there. Even honest Abe loved to get his photo taken. I bet central bank notes that he would have also had an INSTAGRAM to compete with Justin Bieber. And that soldiers would have taken selfies on the battlefield at Gettysburg..

Two  University of Arizona students took selfies during Saturday night’s riot after the team’s loss to Wisconsin.View image on Twitter
Then again, as we see here, sometimes the selfie gets tasteless.. the Arizona Wildcats lost and the streets went wild, with students ‘rioting’ over the pointless nonsense that is called college sports. And selfies were all the rage, along with the actual ‘rage’ over nothing in the streets..

So.. did we just find out why animals were running out of Yellowstone? I just wrote this morning about quakes in LA and Oklahoma.. but I didn’t speak much about Yellowstone. And BOOM.Shake>QUAKE. A major one, too..A 4.8 magnitude quake struck Yellowstone in Wyoming this morning.. The Yellowstone quake was preceded by a 3.0 foreshock at 4:36am MDT, about 2 hours before the main shock.. So if the animals ran, was it the 4.8 or .. is there more to come?
This weekend also featured a pretty strong tremor in Yellowstone. I greet that story with two opposing others: 1) In February ‘unusual’ activity was noted at Yellowstone. And 2) The 4.8 quake came does after a story was reported that some experts want to classify Yellowstone as ‘dormant.’ SO, take that experts! Either way, it appears animals know something we don’t..

The United Nations has issued a report to inform us: No one will be spared the heartache and loss that global warming will bring.. 

Nothing has changed with the Ebola situation: It continues to spread, and it continues to kill..
And this…
Federal Ministry of Health has issued an alert urging persons with high fever, headache, severe abdominal pain, diarrhea and bleeding and especially with a history of travel to Guinea, Sierra Leone or Liberia, to report to the health authorities at once.

A mystery aircraft flying over the state of Texas is raising suspicions.. It’s low flying, it’s silver-painted, and it’s got everyone looking to the sky.. And it’s government..

Seriously.. this is happening again!? People trying to apply for Monday’s midnight OBAMACARE deadline are being greeted again with the website ‘currently unavailable’ messages..  this is beginning to feel like a big joke–maybe it’s just an April fools prank and the website will announce on the 1st of April, “April Fools, you got until midnight tonight instead!”

And while you were trying to access the Health Care website, Obama was eatin’ good in the neighborhood of King Abdullah, as photos prove..

'We're fine!': The correspondents quickly pop back up to their feet but as soon as they got their shot, they were out of there and off to safety indoors
Two weather forecasters were literally blown away while reporting on storm..

I am constantly amazed by elephants–anyone who read this site for any given time will know that.. And this article equally interested me. A killer elephant on the rampage through a West Bengal village STOPPED to save a crying baby beneath the rubble of a house it had begun to demolish..  And besides that nice little story, my GOD, ELEPHANTS VS HUMAN should be the next SYFY special…Or just put a camera on an elephant’s tusk in West Bengal and see the action as it rampages the streets…

Scientists say that they have found a way to read minds.. the future is now.

Project Stargate: Meet the spies of the Cold War..
History repeats: Everything that was old is new again..

The SMART SET from Drexel University has an interesting little story (and humorously sarcastic) about whether or not the car killed with fairies .. you know, those little creatures who plagued so many in history? Fairies are  believed, by some, to be real.. to be actual little creatures that appear in legends and folklore.  In 2011, an out of work bricklayer in Mexico said he caught a fairy and preserved it in formaldehyde.. Other websites are dedicated to the idea that fairies are real .. BUT ALAS, should you see a fairy, perhaps it’s best not to surround yourself with their radiant light. They could be of darkness, and perhaps there to steal your soul with their evil.. That .. or they are JUST NOT REAL.

Chelsea Handler set to leave E! late night show..

NOAH tops weekend box..

FROZEN has become the number 1 animated film of all time..

HARRY POTTER spinoff FANTASTIC BEASTS will be a trilogy..

Hugh Jackson sings WOLVERINE THE MUSICAL..

Fact or faked: The levitation video..

New DAWN OF THE PLANET OF THE APES television spot..