More bad mothering

Police find seven dead babies in Utah County home » A 39-year-old woman allegedly gave birth to the infants, killed them, and put their bodies in the garage.. Her name is Megan Huntsman. And she is the latest in a string of weird and horrid mother-murders lately.. Drownings.. killings.. claims of ‘voices’ from beyond influencing … Read moreMore bad mothering


Are you ready for the week of paranormal oddities?The blood moon..Shining dark in the night sky. All hell has been breaking loose for centuries. So what’s another week of hell to change anything? But if anything remotely awful happens, be prepared for an endless parade of end of the world proclamations. Because the blood moon, … Read moreBORN UNDER RED, YOU’RE BETTER OFF DEAD

Bad moon rising

Ukraine Forces Storm a Town, Defying Russia » While the planet was searching for a missing airliner (*that we didn’t find*) Ukraine started to heat up again. The latest information tonight is that Ukraine, for the first time, has sent in troops to confront pro-Russian ‘militants.’ “Militants” ..  We also know this: The government is set to … Read moreBad moon rising

Some things just get me.. this is one of them

Mother’s heartbreaking eulogy at Star Wars themed funeral to son, 4, » Four-year-old Jack Robinson, from Hampshire, died at home last week after completing a bucket list that led to him meeting his heroes Gary Barlow and Matt Smith. There are some articles and stories that completely tug at every heart string in my body..whatever … Read moreSome things just get me.. this is one of them

What if the strike ends and no one cares?