300 quakes later.. a 8.2 vent

The HORROR REPORT reported days ago that scientists were worried about 300+ earthquakes in Chile.. A March 24 2014 article posted here was called “Chile is rumbling”.. At that time, there were a number of large 6.0 quakes hitting the area..On March 25 2014, the WEATHER CHANNEL posted a dispatch concerning 300+ quakes making some … Read more300 quakes later.. a 8.2 vent


The world continues to shake!A MAJOR EARTHQUAKE HAS JUST HIT CHILE8.0 initially.. raised to 8.2 minutes after..TSUNAMI WARNING ISSUEDEARTHQUAKE VERY SHALLOW 6.9 foot tsunami reported in Chile. Earthquake magnitude upgraded to 8.2.Chilean coast is now being evacuated, Chilean government says Tsunami could reach Hawaii..  This is the map of where the quake struck: DEVELOPING THIS … Read moreMAJOR QUAKE HITS CHILE/ TSUNAMI