4/21 hits

Yes, Yesterday was 4/20.. But here’s a few more Monday morning hits worth taking in..

Jessica Morales wears socks with marijuana leaves to the annual 4/20 pot-smoking celebration at Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Calif., on Sunday, April 20, 2014. Photo: Sarah Rice, AP / ONLINE_YES
Bring your Own Bongs: We were gonna crack eggs but they we got high.. 4/20 was Easter, but what seemed to matter more to many was that it was 4/20.. A public smoke out took place as a white cloud of pot smoke shrouded a park in Colorado.. 

The Pope prayed for Peace on Easter.. But with news of a shooting in Ukraine that outraged Russia, won’t happen, Francis.

Hope resigns to reality in South Korea: Families turn from ‘rescue’ to recovery..

Lilo whoa!: Lindsay Lohan now forced to explained leaked sex list in which she wrote about the 36 men she had relations with in her 27 years of life .. She also revealed in the Betty Ford inspired list that she had a miscarriage.. And yes: Justin Timberlake is on the list.. Trousersnake gets around..

The future of food production is vertical: And it may destroy Monsanto?? According to an interesting article in Motley Fool, vertical farming is springing up from Singapore to Pennsylvania and with amazing results. The future of farming is high in the sky and imaginative. And sorry Monsanto, but pesticides will not be needed.. Maybe we can have our bees back. Clean food coming? Hopefully not just for the rich and famous..

Homeland Security Advisor to the WHITE HOUSE says that mouthy teenagers are potential terrorists of the future..  The Beastie Boys would have been running the terror camp in the 80s.. kids these days. Mouthy and terrorististic..

For some fun reading: Also included with the 1984 terror suspicion list: People who operate food trucks.

CAPTAIN AMERICA tops the weekend box office–and now tops for the third weekend straight.. NOAH has been sinking since its release, not even placing a good showing for the Easter returns.. HEAVEN IS FOR REAL has surprised many though –it was cheaply made like a horror flick and is getting more Christian base folks out than NOAH..