Case of the Mondays

A frightful Monday.. steering the course of the planet earth down the path of hell and high water, sinkholes and mysteries.. Forever looking deep in the face of obscurity.. meanwhile charging through electrons and atoms in an attempt to figure out if the building blocks of life were just meaningless pieces of cardboard, or even plastic..dumped in an ocean filled with rummage already. The giant yard sale that can be seen from space..
But for something to exist, does it not have to be seen? And if so, is that the reason we are here to begin with? Because something deep in space is watching our every move–or even more: Programming our actions?

Here are the actions taking place on the planet earth today, and the actors acting in them.

Former AP reporter says that United States has satellite imagery proving that Ukraine troops shot down Flight 17.. At this point, the United States and most of the world has joined forces to blame Vladimir Putin for comlicity in what many say is the Russian separatist shoot down of the flight.. Read the article for yourself, written by former AP journo Robert Parry..

A massive sinkhole opens in Florida. But it did not just open. It exploded..

Clyde Lewis says he saw his first Bigfoot this weekend..

The mysterious crater in Siberia: All normal?

Students assigned to live in bathrooms and closets by computer glitch at University of Central Florida..

WWE slammed over using Flight 17 in storyline..

The night sky lit up over several states days ago.. a dashboard cam caught the reason: Fireballs up and down the East Coast..

Alexandra Shipp to play Aaliyah in biopic..

CALLING EARTH: A rough-cut documentary-in-progress about communication with the deceased through modern electronic technology..

An endangered forest is South Florida will most likely be destroyed.. for a Walmart..

Why don’t ice cream sandwiches MELT anymore??

Work of the future: Being replaced by iPads..

CONJURING prequel trailer released..

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