When the Ice cream stops melting

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXS5QO0JpA4]

The local newscaster had a little smirk and smile when she told of the ice cream that did not melt in hot weather..  The WalMart Great Value sandwich hardly melted in 80 degree weather—and a second sandwich didn’t melt either.

…In a comparison, other ice cream melted. Walmart’s did not. 

But Walmart says it has all to do with the amount of buttermilk, and then got defensive saying that it meets FDA requirements.

Oh and here’s the gem of the ‘news’ story: The reporter ends saying ‘though there is nothing wrong’ with the Walmart ice cream, the customer misses the ‘old fashioned’ ice cream that actually..

“Old fashioned?” 

Have we not gotten to the point of no return? Where frankenfood is the norm? Are we accepting this?  Instead of demanding REAL food, are we just going to “miss it” while we eat our chemically enhanced cocktails of poison and death?

Ice cream that does not melt. It’s not ice cream… 

Soylent Green didn’t melt either..