Last night, while Clyde Lewis hosted his popular Ground Zero radio show, he abruptly ended the program and was rushed to the hospital for what turned out to be chest pains. Tonight, Lewis’ program is again repeating an earlier broadcast as the host is still in the hospital under observation–the latest in a series of … Read moreUPDATE: CLYDE LEWIS HEALTH SCARE

Taming of Miley’s bum: Freaky Friday headlines

A collection and collaboration of the things that may matter, don’t matter, won’t matter, or can’t matter. And some news about matter. Enjoy the headlines as they quickly become milestones on the trash heap of the Internet superhighway Counter-terrorism official fear another beheading is coming next week..  Satanists have sold out their upcoming black mass.. … Read moreTaming of Miley’s bum: Freaky Friday headlines