Ebola destruction

A German Ebola expert is proclaiming that hope may be lost to save certain locations in Africa as the Ebola nightmare continues to unravel.. You can read the words of Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit for yourself in the publication DEUTSCHE WELLE. The money quote from the article by as chosen by the HORROR REPORT as follows:

“The right time to get this epidemic under control in these countries has been missed,” he said. That time was May and June. “Now it will be much more difficult.”

Schmidt-Chanasit expects the virus will “become endemic” in this part of the world, if no massive assistence arrives.

With other words: It could more or less infect everybody and many people could die.

That is troubling.. How could it now be troubling.

Meanwhile, on the Ebola front, more headlines are garnering attention from the masses, and us:

Ebola cases are rising rapidly in Congo..

West African health centers are unable to keep up with the demand of Ebola patients.. 

The WHO is pleading for more health workers..

The American doctor, the latest at least, who was brought back to the United States with Ebola: Dr. Rick Sacra continues to improve.. Something seems to be working. We need to find out why recovery is happening for him and others .. Perhaps the miracle is this simple: Sacra got a blood transfusion from the previous doctor who was brought back to Atlanta to recover..

And finally, some potentially disbursing food for thought from the New York TIMES.. read at your own discretion.. Michael Osterholm writes this is on OP-ED piece: 

If certain mutations occurred, it would mean that just breathing would put one at risk of contracting Ebola. Infections could spread quickly to every part of the globe, as the H1N1 influenza virus did in 2009, after its birth in Mexico.

Why are public officials afraid to discuss this? They don’t want to be accused of screaming “Fire!” in a crowded theater — as I’m sure some will accuse me of doing. But the risk is real, and until we consider it, the world will not be prepared to do what is necessary to end the epidemic.

We are all at the mercy of nature…disease.. But sadly it would seem that so many chances to proclaim victory over this latest outbreak were lost to mismanagement and fear..

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