Taming of Miley’s bum: Freaky Friday headlines

A collection and collaboration of the things that may matter, don’t matter, won’t matter, or can’t matter. And some news about matter.

Enjoy the headlines as they quickly become milestones on the trash heap of the Internet superhighway

Counter-terrorism official fear another beheading is coming next week.. 

Satanists have sold out their upcoming black mass..

Four Presidents… and four announcements of bombing in the Middle East ..

Marc Faber: McDonalds tells us why the market will collapse.. His logic makes perfect sense to me..

In my local area, virtually every book store has closed, but suddenly people are attempting to find them again. That makes this SLATE article about the rise of independent book stores so interesting. Print is dead to some.. but rebounding to others..

GMO ‘micro-humans’ by 2017?

Bad news for beer drinkers: Much of the malt-barley producing states are worrying that by 2015 too much rain will have made their barley crop useless. Poor weather is also threatening the Canadian crop..

Some of the way that processed foods are killing us..

Interesting: A physicist argues that we can control matter itself with are minds..

Official BATMAN VS SUPERMAN photo released..
And in my personal opinion it just looks ridiculous.

A great read: Information theory and the origin of life.. 

DRONE WAR: Now a drone has revealed the set of STAR WARS!

Joan Rivers: Procedure wasn’t authorized.. 

Attention attention! Another Miley nude photo..

Space alert: Solar storm coming..

NYT reviews: AT THE DEVIL’S DOOR owes debt to classic horror films..

George Romero has an angry take on modern horror movies. And I agree with him 100%


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