Tuesday terrors: Crystal meth and Alex from Target.. all in an election day’s news

Politics will dominate news coverage today.
But real news and things of importance are still out there.. You just have to look.. We did, for you. The information as follows is free and vital to your morning .

Reports claim that a new nose spray protects monkeys from Ebola.. but the company is out of money to fund further vaccine studies. Hmmm… I detect a very smart way of getting more funding..

It was a scary time for parents after CHARLIE BROWN AND THE GREAT PUMPKIN was over on ABC the other evening.. immediately following, a steamy sex scene that kids had to have seen..

Crystal meth in the United States is being blamed on BREAKING BAD..

Claim: Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, killing the victims, and then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey..

Apparently MARVEL is going to be really angry about Rob Zombie’s ’31’ ..  Is he copying? I don’t know. But I know this: Zombie has released teasers and posters for this film for a few months.. It involves clowns and sadistic things— clowns..As though Rob Zombie was able to see the future.. Clowns are so en vogue now..Clown sightings in California, evil clowns in France, England, and many other parts of the world have taken a stranglehold on mainstream news..And now a menacing clown movie from Zombie is in the horizon…

A must read and a must know bit of information: Plastic in chemicals is being linked to changes in baby boys’ genitals.. 

Another must read and must know: Your television set is watching you.. the smart TEE VEE sells your face and voice to third parties.. This rates very high on the creepy scale..

Want to live forever or at least live good? Get the blood of the young.. the new science of ‘vampire therapy’ is upon us.. TRUE BLOOD indeed..

Humans often argue that robots will not be able to do anything that requires emotion.. Oh? Well there is a breakthrough where a microchip can now implant a robot with emotion! Artificial intelligence complete with sadness, laughter, trust, anticipation, anger, and all the rest.. There really is no stopping this.

Obama signs disaster declaration to help the town of Pahoa, Hawaii, dealing with a smoldering volcano..

A creepy story of the ghosts of Leyte Philippines.. as told by a priest who prayed the Hail Mary and was joined by a chorus of spirits doing the same..

The newest flu shot: Made with dog cells.. This year the new batch of the flu shot vaccine has been scrapped of its chicken eggs.. instead dog cells dominate.  The kidney cells of dogs as a matter of fact. That’s right: This year, ‘your flu vaccine’ is not like the others..

This is very troubling: Kelloggs cereal is double in GMO and pesticides.. Perhaps now we see the reason the company pays so much money to stop food labeling in whatever states it pops up.. Get this: A consumer recently sent a box of Froot Loops to a lab for genetic testing and found that the corn and soy used in the cereal are 100% RoundUp Ready GMO. So is the sugar.. And even the “non-GMO” brands are in this category.. KASHI as well..

A new warning! Selfies spread head lice!

Real headline (not sure if it’s real information though): Priest called in for exorcism after family complaints of their son sharing a bath with a ghost..

Alex from Target
And now the newest internet famous person: Alex from Target. Someone snapped his photo… and suddenly his picture was beamed around the internet world..
 And quite frankly, suddenly, I think we all know too much about this kid named Alex.. See, Alex lost control of the incident. He actually never really had a chance. He didn’t know his photo was snapped, nor did he know his image would take Twitter by storm.. Target had no idea that, despite all of the models they have paid big bucks for, free advertising was going to get their brand name associated with lots of tweets.. What is weird is how, without someone even asking, hundreds of thousands of people–or more–will pass an immediate judgement on his looks.. He has no chance to reply or rebut.. Some on Twitter are now calling Alex ‘ugly’ .. Some have apparently tracked down his girlfriend and are now sending her threatening messages.  Internet fame is quick, though.. Normally, it will come in a big wave with smiles, destroy a few lives, and move on to the next unsuspecting victim..

Times have changed.. A lot. I  remember back in the 1990s when David Letterman found footage of a woman eating a peach at a game and put it on the big jumbotron in New York City. She sued him..

Alex’s rise to fame reminds me of another instantly famous person: The woman dancing on a street in 2013..

Now, there’s no stopping internet fame from coming, taking your image, and literally the information superhighway with the troubled souls of adolescence.. Good luck stopping it..
And now forever, you’ll be ALEX FROM TARGET. And in a few hours you won’t even know why..

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