The kids aren’t alright: Meth nation on Tumblr

Tumblr.. the mighty fine place of the modern age that replaced the mighty fine sites of the previous. Tumblr is a mixture of Geocities and Myspace. Moving GIFs, glitter all over pages.. Websites made to be ugly instead of professional. Bloggers–many teenagers have taken to the platform–repost photos all day..

GEEK reports that one of the biggest things on Tumblr right now: Meth rage. Not against the deadly effects of the drug, but to celebrate those who do it. There is a ‘tweaker girls’ dedicated blog.. there is a meth-smoking-mom who decries how difficult it is to be a meth-tweaker mom in the modern age.

Despite the fact that this drug and the use of it only contributes to the global drug trade and Mexican cartels, kids of the day can’t figure out just how their tiny spoke of a choice on the big wheel of life is prolonging agony for anyone involved..

As GEEK reports:

The best way to get a sample of Tumblr’s meth problem is the official Tweaker Nation account, which fastidiously reblogs pictures of the 100+ community members. You can also find helpful tips on preventing “Meth Mouth”, polling to find out how much ice costs where they all live, and requests to hook up all over the country.

Meth isn’t a glamorous drug. We’ve all seen pictures of rural meth-heads with sallow yellow faces and scraggly teeth. But these users are different. It’s Tumblr, after all. If you want the reblogs, you’ve gotta look good.

Meth Selfie

There are some who loudly ask: How can people reveal their entire family lives and location online, along with photos of them smoking meth, and get away with it?

….David Karp couldn’t even answer that.

In the mean time, instead of celebrating the slow death of human beings, take a quick look at a Netflix series called DRUGS INC. Perhaps your view of the beauty of tweaking addiction will alter back to reality..

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