The 500 pound meteor in the room »

An amazing—and scary—piece of news is being reported very close to the HORROR REPORT home base..

Americans in New York, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania reported seeing a fiery, 500-pound meteor soar through the sky this week before the space rock apparently broke up somewhere over the Keystone State, according to scientists.
NASA said on Tuesday this week that the meteor entered the Earth’s atmosphere in the sky above western Pennsylvania earlier that morning and was reportedly witnessed by spectators stretching for hundreds of miles across the United States from the Mid-Atlantic to the Midwest.

The meteor burst into flames above PITTSBURGH..


Remnants of the meteor ended up on the ground in Pennsylvania—my home state as well. I didn’t see this, however, it seemed more confined to the Western part of the state..

It was traveling at 45,000 miles per hour..

The video and the story are both equally amazing..

There were reports of sonic booms.. Lots of calls to the AMA..

And also this piece of interesting news: A meteor exploded over New Zealand yesterday..

The pink stars are falling all too often lately, don’t you think?

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