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Marketing has taken a darker turn lately.. The other day AARP put out an ad called bath featuring a peaceful scene of a woman bathing her child–the video was called bath. If you listen really closely, the TV in the background featured an announcer talking about martial law being declared in the United States. The AARP ad ends with ‘in your new role.’ Conspiracy theories did abound–I think perhaps rightfully so.. that was quite a creepy ad when you consider the background noise that is subliminally being implanted into your head..

But there’s a new visitor on the block taking some attention away from the subliminal that AARP put out. This one is a bit more overt. On May 11, a new State Farm ad promises, something will happen.  They also hashtagged their video “#TuneInEarthlings” ..   The alien angle has seemingly riled up some of the quaint places online. Worries and fears that an invasion is imminent.. does State Farm know something..?!

And will our plans COVER an hostile alien takeover? I think the adjusters may not even show during a crisis of that nature.

Marketing 101.. State Farm is getting great attention from a vast amount of people who’d normally never pay attention to State Farm ads. Probably for the right reasons.. they are using the modern love of horror and sci fi to their advantage with an ad about something from beyond Earth disrupting “Jake’s” life.. I love the ad.

But the AARP thing?
That one is freaky.

I would much rather purposely overt horror than the subliminal kind.

So on May 11, perhaps, we’ll know. The aliens strike and State Farm does into hyper-insurance-drive. And then the AARP turns up the volume on their “Bath” promo and lets the world hear about the Martial Law.

Buy your coverage now. Time is running out.



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