There is a troubling trend in the United States–the trend of a degenerating infrastructure and disinterest from anyone trying to fix it..

I am amazed looking at historical photos.. those “old days” and times gone by are often littered with symbols of class and money–trains running on time and people dressed well at storefronts that were occupying buildings in small town America. Fast forward to today: Ruins.. Artifacts still remain. Reminders that old style transportation once existed ..  Empty stores, falling down most of the time, becoming just dust and rubble as time goes on.

This is the new America..
A time when nothing is being built.. nothing is being celebrated..

Roads and street corners are becoming ghastly..
Potholes are nothing compared to the once mighty structures separating apart and becoming death traps for anyone who tries to visit..

The new America is watching the old America die. But we aren’t do anything to create the future. Instead most towns and small rural areas are just hopeless and sad, grungy and gritty.. Joblessness is furthered by the end of many traditional career choices for those without college or connections..

We are rapidly falling behind the world..
For many hopeless hamlets, there’s no turning around now.

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