The ‘ring’


This may be a video you have to see to believe.. Various sources on the planet earth reporting about a strange black ring that descended from the sky over Kazakhstan .. And then vanished.

According to the reports, people who saw the objected were mystified and rattled in fear..

The video has been seen countless times on YOUTUBE, with commentators suggesting a hoax may have been pulled or an artificial mechanism was used to create the smoke-like UFO…thing.

[youtube]While I am intrigued by UFOs and want to find evidence I can believe in, I am not endorsing this video as anything except.. explainable..

And a video from APRIL 2014–just one year ago–can explain it..

At that time–AGAIN, one year ago this month–a weird black ring was spotted over a town in England, Warwickshire.. But video evidence shows a very natural way to create such a smoky mystery.. Watch:

[youtube]While we don’t know exactly what created the RING over Kazakhstan, I’d put my money on a very similar source as the one featured in the “UFO” video from April 2014..

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