Is nothing real? 

This week I dare say that we saw something that changed us a bit.The violence live on air and then uploaded for the world to download after was overwhelming..


So much so that many are not calling it fake.

Calling it a false flag.

Saying it was just all a setup.


The Virginia television news shooting will be engrained in our consciousness for better or worse. It may spawn copycats with otherwise worthless creatures attempting the same thing or something a bit more extreme. It also could begin a new era of live streaming of murder.. Periscope may not know what’s about to hit it.


I think it may have also damaged something in us, or perhaps simply showcased what is already damaged.


I see countless websites attempting to explain away the video as nonsense and utter fraud.
The users of said sides decry the lack of blood on the victims during the news coverage and shooting aftermath. They also write on their blogs, safety from basements, that the female newscaster—age 24 by the way and just beginning a career and life—screamed too much. We are told, by some of these non believers, that they were crisis actors.


I think a little too many video games and Hollywood have decorated their brain cells. Heads don’t always explode like in SCANNERS. People don’t always die in an instant like in big theater hits. And while crisis actors are real, they don’t exist at every single event. Sometimes real news, and bad news, happens. Perhaps we are insulated in the safety of virtual reality to realize that blood is shed and murders and horrid things take place on a daily basis.

Life is a little more delicate and fragile than some ponder. In real time there are no rules of engagement. There are not rules about how much someone should bleed.


The internet has evolved quite a bit since I first began the HORROR REPORT in 2001. Since then, armchair critics and experts in nothing have popped up from sea to shining sea and everywhere in between. They immediately take to the INTERNETS to declare whatever event of the day was fakery and fraud. Or false flag—the very idea that they so often overuse the term false flag showcases that they have no idea what it really even means.


There may be certainly worthwhile investigations of important news stories that should take place, but the overabundance of information and evidence shows me that the Virginia news team killings were real.


Because if it was not real, to what agenda does it serve? 

Then again, some immediately swoop in to make an event a part of their agenda.

The first thing I saw after the shooting: Those in favor of Confederate Flags saying the rainbow flag should be banned since the shooter was gay. A few seconds later: Gun control advocates stating that guns, as evidenced by the killing, are the blame. A few here and there peppered headlines that perhaps mental health is a big issue.


But as usual, we will ignore the plight of those suffering from mental concerns and simply just close down the next hospital to save a couple of bucks in cash, cash that somehow will be trickled into the pot for war expenses in some foreign entanglement. Meanwhile doctors will over medicate them with the usuals, suicidal thoughts be damned.


I love studying conspiracy theories. I believe in a few myself.

But to blast away Facebook posts or Twitter rants within seconds of a slaying and say that all we have just witnessed was propaganda from the evil media showing a false flag event in order to ….I don’t know? That’s a little bit too much for me.


Sometimes we need to lay a body get buried before we begin crazily saying that it’s all fake.

Families are affected by these murders. People. Friends. Children.. Newscasters.

And yes, the nation’s psyche.


The copycat effect is real, and worrisome.


Each time we witness a crime perpetrated by a criminal, someone else in the waiting wants to outdo that which we just saw.


The murder of high schoolers was not enough.. the Pennsylvania Amish school shooting and Sandy Hook bloodbaths ensured that even younger victims would fall.. 

And now a GoPro caught a murder and it was uploaded to the NET. Next? Live streaming..


This is disturbing..

And far reaching.

Living through history is not always a positive..

But screaming that each historical marker is fake and fraud is not helpful.


Casting doubts on official versions of events is a positive. But not to the point where each event is considered false.


There was blood at this scene. Sick people who saw one screen grab or a few second of shaky GoPro footage, demanding more blood for them to consider it all real, are abounding.


Life isn’t Hollywood.


But now let’s get to what really is strange.. a show like MR ROBOT having to delay its finale because, according to reports, a scene exists showing a reporter being shot during a live interview on the news? Now that is strange. And noteworthy.. Instead of pushing this nonsense that the shooting did not occur, let’s focus on the reasons behind it, the fact so many people already worried about the killer Flanagan.. and the unnerving fact that so often pop culture and entertainment has things eerily similar to what plays out in reality afterwards..

That, perhaps, is the really creepy thing.

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