And if you’re not listening to his program MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT, you’re missing out on a great chance to hear radio at its finest..

Art Bell posted this on Facebook tonight:

Ok, here is a report as I see it now. We have a damn good product, in my view easily the best product by a mile. We have quality programming, we have far better audio, we don’t whore the show out with infomercials, we have a small number of commercials, the RSS feed is up to Industry standard and the audio on it is awesome. We are continuing to get subs at 7.99 so all is well.

The only thing we need is to get the word out that we are here, most Don’t even know we exist, this is
changing but slowly, we need some way to get the word out faster, I know there are a lot of good thinkers here so any idea’s are welcome. Most people joining now we’re told by somebody and say something like Wow I thought Art was still in the Philippines. So at this point it’s just getting the word out that we exist.

art-bell-w6obb-620x465I’ll do my part..

He’s back in Pahrump..
He’s in the black of the night, broadcasting with a mysterious and reassuring voice..

He’s not George Noory. Noory has inherited Coast to Coast.
Bell is doing his own thing, saying no to advertisers who want to water down content.. Instead he is broadcasting from his home about aliens, ghosts, and Satan possessing callers on open line night.

Listen up.

Be a time traveler..It’s really cheap considering what you’ll get.
And be a part of a new generation that gets to listen to radio the way it should be..

And it’s free to listen to live..
ABBA and other bumper music included.