More on the live Blumhouse Periscope Halloween movie..Apparently…

More on the live Blumhouse Periscope Halloween movie..

Apparently for some, it was too hot to handle and too scary to hold on their mobile.

From PC MAG: (note: This was written October 30 during the actual live scope)

Oscar-nominated horror producer Jason Blum, known for films like Insidious and Paranormal activity, is taking his talents to the small screen this Halloween. And, we’re not talking TV — he’s bringing his brand of horror right to your computer, tablet, or smartphone via Periscope. Blum on Thursday night debuted his latest project, a horror film called Fifteen, on Twitter’s live-streaming platform, and it was apparently way too scary for some people.

The film — Periscope’s first-ever live horror event — was briefly taken down after being flagged, but Blum just announced on Twitter that it’s back up for us to enjoy this All Hallow’s Eve.

The 20-minute flick follows a masked serial killer who broadcasts his crimes via the Periscope app. Sounds pretty grisly and awesome, right? You can watch ithere.

People scared.
Too much for a venue where most film themselves talking way too close to their faces.

Love it.