Study MAY have found evidence of alternate and parallel universes

Study MAY have found evidence of alternate and parallel universes:

It’s all theoretical at this point.. BUT..

This from USA TODAY’s reporting:

While mapping the so-called “cosmic microwave background,” which is the light left over from the early universe, scientist Ranga-Ram Chary found what he called a mysterious glow, the International Business Timesreported.

Chary, a researcher at the European Space Agency’s Planck Space Telescope data center at CalTech, said the glow could be due to matter from a neighboring universe “leaking” into ours, according to New Scientist magazine.

“Our universe may simply be a region within an eternally inflating super-region,” scientist Chary wrote in a recent study in the Astrophysical Journal.

“Many other regions beyond our observable universe would exist with each such region governed by a different set of physical parameters than the ones we have measured for our universe,” Chary wrote in the study.

USA TODAY has a perfect way of dumbing the news down a bit so the average American can read about it.. which in this case is fine to me. It’s beyond my current comprehension. But I promised myself to learn as much about physics as I could before I die. Maybe it’s time now to start learning.

Time slips explained?

Just imagine. An alternate universe bleeding into ours.. How cool. Or scary?

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