The blue light special: Trident launch video

This is video I found on Youtube, posted January from the British Armed Forces, of a Trident missile being fired.

It looks quite a bit like the blue lights last night over California and other states..

Check it out:


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I did see a LOT of posts that are dubious of the Navy taking credit for the lights. But as posted earlier on the HORROR REPORT, LAX was told that a week of military operations were going to take place and that they were going to be mysterious. I believe last night’s Saturday’s main event light night show may have been the first of several more we will see and not see..

Finally, one theory I saw plastered around on Facebook this morning was interesting to think of and thankfully not true: The United States intercepted a missile coming at us.

Creepy thought.

And with World War III being just around the corner, we have 99 problems. Thankfully an incoming missile ain’t one of them *(as least not yet)*

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