In the heat of the moment, with major PR firms spreading news that Black Friday sales were breaking records and that profits would be had, I predicted that it would end up being less than stellar.. mediocre I thought!

And this comes today…

News now that the Thanksgiving and Black Friday store sales have yet again fallen. The online sales? up.. brick and mortar.. failure..

This has been the pattern for years.. My little experience allowed me to surprise this result.. my wife and son and I stopped by a Walmart Thanksgiving night after a family dinner. It was empty.. We had to go get, of all things, groceries on Friday.. and still nobody.. NADA.. Empty.

The facts speak for themselves..

Internet sales rose in the double digits on both days, surpassing $3 billion for the first time on Black Friday, according to data released on Saturday.

Data from analytics firm RetailNext showed net sales at brick-and-mortar stores fell 5.0 percent over the two days, while the number of transactions fell 7.9 percent.

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