Mario bank run

The big day arrived.. MArio Run was able to be downloaded to play on iphones..

And almost immediately as millions of downloads occurred, a collective groan about just how boring a game it actually was.. the hype told us it would be like Pokemon Go.. instead we were left with a couch potato game that could be completed entirely in three hours. Not much more than that, despite the commercials falsely advertising a highly interactive game in public..

Mario Run.. Done.

And now stocks are responding in kind..

As a matter of fact, Nintendo’s stocks are down 11% since the Mario Run game became available! 

Meanwhile in the APP store, where fortunes are made and flappy birds are craved, users who downloaded the Mario game gave it a mere two and a half stars or of five.. Very bad news for the game, which by the way also costs $10.

One critisicm almost coming from insiders: The fact Nintendo charged the full fee for the game up front instead of multiple smaller ones and users get further..

Despite the amount of the initial fee or smaller ones, the fact remains: Mario Run is a completely uneventful and unimaginative game that seemingly borrowed none of the best traits of the original games. So much could have been done, virtual reality wise and Pokemon Go style… But instead a lazy way out was made.

And terrible reviews and a stock slide have developed..

And if it is any consolation it the NIntendo stock, DeNa, the company that helped made the game, had a stock drop of 14%…

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