Mario Run gets big downloads … but the fun doesn’t last long

Business insiders were predicting a potential stock bounce when Mario Run was released by Nintendo. So far nada. There are, however, some mighty large downloads of the game taking place. Including in my own house.. It was downloaded 2.85 million times in its first day alone..

But!!! Maybe wait!! Analysts at SuperData, meanwhile, have downgraded their expectations for Super Mario Run’s first-month revenue from $60 million to between $12 and $15 million,, SuperData also expects a price cut after the holidays are over..

There may be a bigger game in place..

Mario Run is NOT going to be the next Pokemon go (even I was misled in this department and thought it was going to be much more interactive than what it turned out to be) .. I was actually quite shocked when Nintendo allowed a game to be used on phones.. and when it turned out to be another game in the endless running genre, it was less than exciting. That said, it also has increased Nintendo’s brand and potentially brought Mario to another young generation that wasn’t overly familiar with it. I remember playing Mario on the original Nintendo. This mobile app new ensures that a new generation will recall their first game being played on their parents iPhone..

Initial ratings for the game were strong. The surge was short term. Some more negative reviews here and there are being peppered into the mix..  Even the way the game treats Peach and Toad are being called into question..

I think the choice to make this game a constant running game is what will impact sales and most likely the fun.. Pokemon Go was a worldwide sensation this year. This was the year to end strong with another interactive game to get people outside… to make Mario become an obsession. To see question marks and bricks in the virtual world in front of them, and be forced to do something to break them. Now that would have been fun. Instead some less than creative dullness crept in to the making of Mario Run..

Another flaw: Super Mario Run” can be completed in about three hours … from a couch.. with no action. It will not change your life. Pokemon Go did.. Mario Run will be a blip on the radar.. A big miscalculation in my opinion..


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