GLASS cuts through competition for third weekend in a row! Victory for #Shyalaman

Maureen Lenker writes this for EW:

Glass is still slicing through its competitors to hold onto the top spot at the box office.
The M. Night Shyamalan thriller tops the box office for the third week running with an estimated $9.5 million in ticket sales at 3,665 theaters in the U.S. and Canada from Friday through Sunday, bringing its North American total to $88.7 million. Globally, it’s brought in an estimated $199 million. STX Films’ The Upside also holds onto its momentum in its fourth weekend, coming in second with $8.6 million across 3,568 theaters, while the only nationwide new release Miss Bala takes the third place slot with an estimated $6.7 million across 2,203 theaters.
The overall weekend take paints a dismal picture amounting to the worst Super Bowl weekend at the movies since 2000. It’s a rare weekend where every film failed to pass the $10 million mark. Inclimate weather across the United States likely contributed to the steep decline in movie-going.

The HORROR REPORT can attest to the fact that GLASS is a divisive and amazingly imaginative and very M NIGHT SHYAMALAN movie.. It’s filled with newfound ways to showcase filmography.. it is coupled with dialogue, twist endings, re-twist endings, and fantastic acting from the main characters in the film.. It is also something that will be debated in the UNBREAKABLE fan circles for years to come.

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Personally we loved GLASS for what it was, a culmination of 20 years of comic book heroism… As a stand alone movie, it was bad.. when taken into the context of previous films it was a finale worth seeing..

And yes, the main point of the EW article is the low SUPER BOWL box office numbers.. but people are still seeing GLASS.. some of them repeatedly..


1. Glass — $9.5 million2. The Upside — $8.6 million
3. Miss Bala — $6.7 million
4. Aquaman— $4.8 million
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — $4.4 million
6. Green Book — $4.3 million
7. Kid Who Would Be King — $4.2 million
8. A Dog’s Way Home — $3.5 million
9. Escape Room — $2.9 million
10. They Shall Not Grow Old — $2.4 million