While interest groups who campaign against cyber bullying and child pornography are applauding upcoming web changes in the UK, others are becoming fearful of how far the government will regulate..
There are coming changes to the online world in Europe.. Great Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May said that the era of self regulation is over.. Cyber bullying and porn online has become too free.. too much… the government, the citizens of the UK are told, is the onl group of honest barrons who can save the citizens from the freedoms of their speech..

A white paper on online harms, published jointly by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Home Office, proposes strict new rules be introduced that require firms to take responsibility for their users and their safety, as well as the content that appears on their services.
Overseen by an independent regulator, internet companies which break these rules could even see senior management held personally liable for the failings.

A newly introduced duty of care would require firms to take more responsibility for the safety of users and more actively tackle the harm caused by content or activity on their platforms.
There is an upcoming “12 week consultation” for the plans.. 
They would apply to ANY COMPANY that allows users to share data… share posts.. 
Facebook and others would face huge fines and penalties for the allowance of users to share suicide or self-harm posts../ And most likely much more as time goes on.
Just as price increases by governments get passed down to citizens who pay prices to private firms, this will work the same.
Social platforms have already increasingly regulated speech of its users—they have the privacy policies that allow it… and in a sense freedom of speech does not apply when a private company is your platform … the government is not regulating YOU.. but THEM.. AND they will have the freedom to regulate your freedom.
See? This is how it works in the gutters of the socials… in a world where we gave all of our freedom and rights and photographs to a corporate social structure that now will be highly regulated by the government of the UK in a Chinese style of censorship.
In the name of consumer mental health and safety…In the name of a good deed….
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