The kids aren’t alright..

Quiet communities are becoming shocked in 2014.. Slenderman stabbings, murderous rampages by the youth, PURGE style threats, and cyber stalking..  While crime rates are falling, the crimes that are occurring are garnering headlines around the world for the outrageous nature they posses.

Enter this story from Pennsylvania, something you have probably already heard about on the news. A 10-year-old boy killed a 90-year-old woman.. He told police that he held her down with her cane and punched her. Some media outlets called it a temper tantrum.. To me, it sounds more like an other-worldy rage that possessed him for the time he was murdering her..

Sources are calling him ‘the boy.’ He was visiting his grandparents.. the woman the ‘boy’ killed was Helen Novak..

An autopsy confirmed what ‘the boy’ told the police.. Blunt trauma.

WNEP in Pennsylvania reported the boy’s name: Tristen Kurilla. 

Prosecutor are charging ‘boy’ Tristen as an adult.. His image is now being plastered across the web.. Adults who use the internet–the same adults who converge to say cyber bullying is a crime–are calling for horrid treatment of Kurilla. A few posts I saw actually said he should be publicly hanged, or that a firing squad was appropriate..

This entire debacle is tremendously difficult for the mind to comprehend.

On a personal note, I was actually waiting for my car to get some work done on it this morning at the garage.. the television was airing the early morning newscast of WNEP, with the report on the 10-year-old’s killing as their top story.. The room went silent, with all of the people looking at the screen in shock. Their speechlessness made me speechless, I actually watched them digest the news instead of watching the news itself.. For me, that was the stunning part.

Anymore, crimes are tough to shock. Snuff films like what ISIS publishes are all around us.. It is alarming to hear of criminal at such an early age.. But watching the adults try to come to grips with the evil that has seemingly invaded their surroundings chilled me a bit.

The ‘safety’ is gone.. nothing feels right anymore. Something seems off balance. What’s up is down and vice versa.. And now, children are committing horrible crimes right in the backyard of places that once were deemed civil and secure. . Watching people see that with their own eyes, knowing that they they are defenseless to the tidal wave of evil, is frightening..

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