Horrific stabbing shocks town

There’s something deeply wrong out there.. Perhaps always was, and made much more easy to learn about with the internet’s super highway connecting all of the vast portions of the world together..

This is what is known about a brutal Michigan killing: A 12-year-old boy stabbed another boy, age 9, in a playground.. There seemingly is no connection between them. They don’t appear to have known each other.. Th 12-year-old stabbed the other in the back with a kitchen knife..  The 12-year-old calmly approached a man close to the playground after the stabbing, and asked to use a phone.

Reportedly the boy said he was unloved..also this: He took multiple pills earlier in the day.

As if the entire story wasn’t chilling enough, this is how the culmination of events took place, as CNN reported:

Police said that after he was stabbed, Conner managed to run back home before he collapsed on the porch. An ambulance rushed him to a hospital, where he died Monday night.

Lawhorn, meanwhile, “left the playground then went to a nearby residence where he asked to use the phone,” Kentwood Chief of Police Thomas Hillen said.

“I thought he was calling for his parents to come pick him up,” homeowner Glen Stacy told CNN. He wasn’t. “He called 911,” he said.

Stacy described Lawhorn as “calm and collected” throughout, and that he told the 911 dispatcher, “Hi, I just stabbed someone, please pick me up and come kill me, I want to end my life.”

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There can be dozens if not more questions applied to this news brief. A kitchen knife? From where.. parental guidance lacking? Mental problems undiagnosed? So many aspects to the story that are difficult and time consuming to contemplate.

In the mean time, a 9-year-old family is grieving a tragic and abrupt loss of someone they love..
Horror in the playground..
The kids aren’t alright.