I have two sources that seem to be the best in live coverage coming from Ferguson MO: I AM MIKE BROWN live: And the INFOWARS reporters on the scene: [ustream id=6106473 live=1 hwaccel=1 version=3 width=480 height=302] Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream FERGUSON MO TWITTER FEEDFERGUSON MO CBS DO YOUR LOCAL COPS LOOK LIKE … Read moreLIVE STREAMS FROM FERGUSON, MISSOURI

Intrigue: The President ending his vacation this weekend?

President Barack Obama is returning to Washington D.C. this weekend.. and after dozens of rounds of golf while the world caught on fire, people are raising eyebrows and asking: Why? Justin Sink of the HILL tonight is reporting that the President is making a very expensive trip back to Washington DC this weekend, and then … Read moreIntrigue: The President ending his vacation this weekend?


THIS IS AMERICA, 2014: FERGUSON, MISSOURI POLICE ARREST JOURNALISTS IN FERGUSON! NEWSPAPER CALLS IT ILLEGAL! DEVELOPING.. NEWSWEEK: Ferguson looks like a war zone.. And police have been getting ‘quietly armed’ for years.. Quietly? Obviously the tin foil hat is not strong with them.. There was nothing quiet about the American militarization of the police.. FERGUSON … Read moreTOP NEWS AUGUST 13 2014


While media reports indicated that Robin Williams was near bankruptcy, another report surfaced today in the UK TELEGRAPH.. According to reporter Jose Ensor in an exclusive to the publication, a friend of Robin Williams, name not revealed, said that the now deceased star resented having to do another MRS DOUBTFIRE film..and even more, he was … Read more‘MRS DOUBTFIRE’ BEING BLAMED

Wednesday weirdness

Tales from the crypt.. the planet earth. The happenings of importance today (so far) Detroit flooding makes news.. Somehow ironic when so many in the city are being threatened by water companies to have their faucets turned off.. This is the scene on Long Island this morning.. a commute to end all commutes as parts … Read moreWednesday weirdness

Imagine no religion. It’s not easy even if you try

As so often happens during free-flowing conversation with me, I got into a somewhat intense chat yesterday with a few friends and co-workers..Typically, my ‘devil’s advocate’ style of arguing enrages some who don’t quite understand I am always attempting to trick them into disagreeing with their own point of view.. The topic at hand yesterday … Read moreImagine no religion. It’s not easy even if you try