The vacant scare: Forget zombies.. Time is more frightening

Namely this documentary on Netflix: FORGOTTEN PLANET: ABANDONED AMERICA. It’s another example of why reality scares me much more profoundly than any work of fiction. The documentary isn’t new.. But as a busy adult, I only watch things when I get the chance.. It was produced in 2011, and is a graphic account of how … Read moreThe vacant scare: Forget zombies.. Time is more frightening


The HORROR REPORT was among various sources to report social media activity labeling Friday night as the night of the real purge, actions based on the fiction horror of THE PURGE films .. Tonight, in Louisville Kentucky, police are asking for anyone to contact them immediately if suspicious activity occurs.. Police are responding to ‘purge’ … Read moreTHE REAL PURGE?


ABC NEWS is reporting that the Secret Service is aware of a photo existent on social media: An ISIS flag in front of the White House.. THIS from ABC NEWS: “We have an intelligence division whose mission is to assess information that we receive every day for dangerousness or potential threat level,” Secret Service spokesman … Read moreTHE IS IS AT THE DOOR

THE PURGE reality show

Police Concerned About Flash Mob Violence Based On Horror Movie » Social media posts promise violence in Florida, Pennsylvania and Kentucky. The story linked here serves as a collection of headlines from various states—states where people have been posting social media announcements about “purges” to take place in the respective cities where the Tweets and … Read moreTHE PURGE reality show