We had our family dog, Mutley, for less than a year, but we have gotten to know him..

He is tremendously nervous, all of the time. He is constantly ready to play like a puppy, but worry like an old aged animal.. He paces around the house when he is alone, does no damage, but anxiously anticipates the master or masterette to be back.. And he only seems to be at ease during the night, when the entire family is asleep. Many nights end with my son Ayden and my dog Mutley crowded in the ‘big bed’ of mom and dad, scrunched into odd contortions as my wife and I attempt to not fall to the floor due to the lack of space.

I’m not complaining.. secretly, I love it and will miss it one day when my son wants nothing to do with mom and dad, and when Mutley is too old to jump up anymore..
I love these days.

There is also something about Mutley that amazes me.. he is a harbinger.. When the air pressure changes—before rain or thunderstorms begin—Mutley begins to shake uncontrollably. He frantically attempts to find some hidden portion of the house to hide .. He gets under desks, legs, beds.. Jumps into corners of closets, and tries his best to shield his little dog body the best he can..

And there’s nothing I can do for him.. he handles it himself, but I wish I could help.

Instead, once the air pressure changes and the storm lifts, he goes back to his old semi-nervous self again.

Mutley is a good little man.. he has some more growing pains to go through, and he bites a little too much when he plays, but he respects my son Ayden and hasn’t yet done a nasty thing to him. As a matter of fact, they get along like brothers.. stealing food and playing ball. It’s good to see..

But when the rain begins—or snow in the wintertime—leave Mutley be. Until the air pressure rises again..


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