Fearful Friday fun day

A collection of some news.. I am trying to focus on more light hearted things.. But it’s nearly impossible.
Instead here’s a brief collection of the real, unreal, and unbelievable..

Alabama prison system hit with TB..

Perhaps the Ebola virus is a bit worse than imagined: Ebola centers are filling faster than they can even be opened in Dakar.

With no cure, no hope.. Women in Liberia pray to end Ebola..

Illegal immigrants detained in Albania with Ebola symptoms..

Dateline Atlanta: Doctor who was infected with Ebola to be released from Atlanta hospital!

Can things get worse? ‘ISIS want to impregnate Yazidi women and smash our blond bloodline’: Fears grow for the 300 women kidnapped from Sinjar.. I am still attempting to take all of this with a grain of salt. Or sand..

Calm: A new sheriff in town.. High Patrol Captain Ron Johnson takes over security and gives Ferguson a night of protest–but peace.
DUTCH SINSE: Cheers to a peaceful protest, and getting answers on the Michael Brown shooting..

A sign of how out of control things got in Ferguson: Reports indicate how freaked out the chief of police became when he found out his cops arrested reporters for no reason..

Ditching the tea party? Rand Paul: The riddle for president?
Rand Paul’s race moment

Remember flight 370? The missing Malaysian jet dominated headlines for months. CNN devoted every waking hour to discuss every rumor.. And then.. poof. Off the front pages, below the fold.. and gone from TEE VEE news.. Just in time for this little strange event to occur: Bank account withdrawels have been detected from the bank accounts of four passengers–in the tens of thousands of dollars.. It happened on July 18.

EQUINE NOT FINE: Horrible conditions facing some horses in California. The mystery illness is causing skin to fall off, eyes swollen shut, and liver damage.

Perdue farms recalls chicken nuggets due to tiny plastic pieces in meat..

Another major company..another major layoff: Cisco to axe 6,000–or 8% of its global workforce..

Market crash?

It was an ordinary evening in a small town McDonald’s in east China until a family of six arrived trying to recruit new members to their Christian cult.
They moved between the tables asking for phone numbers and when one diner refused they beat her to death, screaming at other diners to keep away or they would face the same fate…
It’s the now famous Chinese religious cult that kills–and they claim to have millions of members. While that is ridiculous to think, it’s certainly scary to see the savage murder that the Church of the Almighty God performed–and how they would do it again to people they call ‘demons’..

No joke: Massive storms erupting on Uranus..
So big they can be seen from Earth..

Update: The mysterious man walking on the moon..

Your tax dollars at work in the film industry: You’ve paid for a movie called “Wawd Ahp,” a short film in which a rapper decapitates himself, then has sex with his own severed head in a bathtub; and “Eczemus,” which uses stop-motion animation to portray a man urinating a stream of blood while pummeling a baby bird to death and watching his dog defecate..

33-year-old woman arrested in Washington State for humping lawn chairs and exposing herself to children..

THAT’S THE BEST I COULD DO.. ‘GOOD NEWS’ ISN’T FLOWING …But there’s always Jessica Alba to save the day: