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Baby can you dig your man

Anyone who follows me or has read this website for any amount of time will know well that when I get worried about something, there’s a tendancy on my part to overkill the issue.. Ebola has been the latest bit of news getting me to tighten my tin foil hat..

The prospects of EBOLA being present in the United States—on purpose—gave me chills.. Yes, it’s Americans who obviously have the right to be in America, and we’re told the chamber fortress where the treatment in Atlanta will take place is safer than any place on earth.. but.. don’t you still get a bit of a chill hearing that Ebola is purposely being brought to the United States? That a hospital will treat patients here? Maybe I am too ‘American’ in my thought—-but to those who think I don’t care about Africans suffering the affliction, you’re wrong. I have been paranoid about this for years and have constantly worried about it, and reported about it… The latest outbreak is the worst ever seen.. Hopefully it burns itself out.. gets u…



Thursday worstday

The Hanover happening

There is a lot of national attention on hauntings lately.. the latest comes from York, Pennsylvania..

The HORROR REPORT linked information about this story earlier this week.. The haunting, at least as it's being described by those in paranormal circles, revolves around a home owned by a woman in Hanover, Pennsylvania.. she says that her humble abode is filled with evil spirits. Two photojournalists, we're told, were skeptical of the claims. Until they experienced something strange themselves..

Here is the story from FOX 43:

At one point, the owner of the home tells the spirit to shut a door.. on camera, the door shuts. Another moment was captured where one of the reporters felt a scratch on his arm..

Another moment captures what reporters say is a demon's hand..

Finally, the homeowner describes a 7-foot-tall shadowman who prowls the property..

The Travel Channel showcased the home on the program THE DEAD FILES..

Discernment .. you be the judge. But none of us, unless you're…

Fox sets out to advertise TMNT to the world

Expect to see lots of Megan Fox over the next month. She will be busy advertising the newest installment of the TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES.. She will be most likely be hiding her thumbs, and trying to recover the movie from the terrible decision of releasing a September 11 looking image for the September 11 premiere in Australia..

The movie is being heralded by some .. COMIC CON has gone wild over Megan Foxmania.. And now a skin-tight dressed Megan Fox is shining like a star in Latin America where she ushered in the premiere of the film there..

She blew kisses.. she posed for the camera.. she lit up the room..

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and there's no doubt the audience group that is being attracted to the movie..

But for some, this film will be a bust.. a blip on the radar of Ninja Turtles lore..

And to even some more, Megan's looking plastic lately.. something oddly surreal about her once very real face..

But for now she's soaking up the sun.


Weird Wednesday: Happenings

These are the days of our lives.. and the stories of our days. Accept them for what they are. Weird. Wild. Wacky. Disturbing. Annoyances .. You can always be the judge.

Submitted for your approval in whatever format you choose: The news of the moment.



**WARNING** Extremely disturbing video revealed of ISIS creating a river of human blood as they mass kill at least 1500 people..

At approximately 12:23pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, July 30th, a magnitude 3.0 earthquake shook the Los Angeles area, centered west of Manhattan Beach, California, according to the USGS..

Patrick Sawyer's wife: "He Could Have Brought Ebola Here"


Doctors in Britain are beginning to prep for a potential Ebola outbreak on their continent.. It's not highly unlikely that cases around the world, be…

Top news July 30 2014

A Ninja Turtles fail

The building up the new TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES film has been hotter than a pepper sprout in Texas.. Megan Fox, with her thumbs, has been busy talking to COMIC CON attendees about her role, and Bigfoot.. the posters are everywhere.. the new style Ninja Turtles action figures are everywhere, too..

The American release of the film is August 8..
The Australian release is September 11.. which makes the next part of this story even more awkward..

PARAMOUNT PICTURES AUSTRALIA went and did this: They tweeted an image of a burning skyscraper with the Turtles jumping from it, along with this: "Check out the official poster for #TMNT in cinemas September 11"..

Yikes!! Stop the presses... Cowabunga ..

What were they thinking?

The less than tactful image was in social media circles for quite some time, in Internet time, before people snapped back and stormed the virtual servers where the poster was being replicated.

Apologies ensued..

Paramount said in a statement, post feeding frenzy…


UK SUN slammed by critics for demon mark story

The UK SUN reported a child had a sign of the devil on his chest.. The HORROR REPORT somewhat scoffed at the story..

But now the UK SUN is being slammed for slashing the child on the front page of the paper with the sensational headline that he has the mark of the beast on his chest..

This is how the UK GUARDIAN reported the incident:The Sun is facing a barrage of criticism after featuring a half-naked four-year-old boy with a "mark of the devil" on his chest on its front page.

The tabloid's "exclusive" story featured unpixellated images of the child and his mother.

The paper was accused of starting a witch-hunt and endangering the child after publishing the story with the headline: "BOY, 4, HAS MARK OF DEVIL."

The child's mother is quoted saying: "Just looking at it made me shake, thinking something unnatural had visited my boy. Something or someone made the sign on him but we just can't explain how."

The story goes on to explain that the…

Tuesday tales..

Facebook now: Breast feeding bad. Calling for the killing of people.. maybe alright?

Navigating the social networking rules can be tough. And rough.. your blog can be suspended for things you don't find offensive. Your Facebook page can be taken down if you choose to post a photo that may have 'nudity' ..

That's why, in a world where breast feeding causes controversy with Facebook because they classify it as obscene, it's deplorable to think that the same social networking service can allow open calls for death of an entire population of people.. But they are doing just that.

While the NSA monitoring tool named Facebook is busy suspending accounts that show partial nipples dripping with milk, they are also said that the open calls for the death of Jews don't violate the community standards of the site.. Of course things changed once national news media attention was placed on the page. Facebook did remove it. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER posted this photo of a message from Facebook:

While freedom of speech is a fundemanetal right for Americans, the r…

Tornado hits near Boston airport

This is a freak event.. a Tornado occurred on the Northeast side of Boston on Monday--it's not a place where tornadoes actively occur..

The Weather Channel details the radar images of the tornado as it happened..

It is the first tornado touchdown in the area, records say, since 1950. But interestingly, this is the third time this year Boston received a tornado warning..

The tornado was an EF2 on the scale.. Maximum winds were near 120 mph..

The town of Revere, where the tornado struck, has about 53,000 people.. it's awfully close to the Boston International Airport--about 16 minutes apart as a matter of fact.

The year (maybe decade) of 'rare' weather events are occurring so much.. rarity may not even be an issue anymore..

Thankfully a manic Monday is over. It was plain weird.


There are so many weird events on the horizon, and now in the past.. a case of the Mondays, indeed.. this news wrap from today is enough to give you the chills from head to toe.

Without even further coding delays, the news presented in HTML format and uploaded throughout the land from a FTP program near you:

The HORROR REPORT and many other sources have been reporting on some dire circumstances regarding the EBOLA outbreak in Africa.. now this: Experts are worried that the virus is 'just a plane ride away'.. That's a pretty sobering thought..
The fear of the virus spreading is spreading faster than the virus..
THE CDC, busy with its clumsy treatment of viruses, tells us that Ebola poses little risk to the United States..

Whenever the world catches fire, North Korea demands attention.. no different now: This time Lil Kim is threating to nuke the White House! The leader of the nation must still be upset with this video..

Here's a list of …


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