Storm iClouds brewing

A few years ago, I got into a deep conversation with a techie about the coming of the ‘cloud’ computing. He didn’t like it, not one bit. His doubts about the cloud stemmed from his paranoia over big government spying, but more importantly, hackers hacking. This weekend his nightmare vision he relayed to me came … Read moreStorm iClouds brewing

Behind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Remember, during that horror movie you’re watching, it is all just make believe. If you still don’t believe it, consider this: Behind the scenes photographs of horror flicks ..Hannibal Lector eating not flesh, but a french fry.. Michael Myers enjoying a Dr. Pepper.. And yes, even the gang ‘chillin’ with Freddy K.. A lot of the … Read moreBehind the scenes.. and deep in the mind

Weird tales of snakes and curses

More weird news making real headlines I have written recently about my fascination with stories that ultimately are of the ‘paranormal’ making headlines in mainstream publications.. Today shows us another example of the increasing paranormal-ification of the daily news: Roberto Calderoli, a Senator from Italy, put a request in to the Pope: He wants an exorcism..  … Read moreWeird tales of snakes and curses