NASA ‘announcement’ much ado about nothing?

They basically don’t know what UAPs are.. in itself that is a big development? Reaction has not been kind on the socials.. From the UK SUN: NASA defines UAPs as events in the sky that cannot be identified as aircraft or known natural phenomena from a scientificperspective. The space agency highlights how the study of UAP … Read moreNASA ‘announcement’ much ado about nothing?

Rumors: NASA Is About To Make A Big Announcement On Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

two alien inside car wallpaper

All eyes on Thursday mornings live stream for whatever this means.. and whatever it will be.. Developing.. The announcement is scheduled for 10:00 EDT on Thursday, September 14, at NASA’s headquarters in Washington DC. The public can watch a live stream of the briefing, which will be led by an independent study group commissioned by … Read moreRumors: NASA Is About To Make A Big Announcement On Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

Mars attacks: Stuck in the mud

The hexagonal patterns discovered on Mars are formed when an area has extended wet seasons followed by extended dry ones. It has been known for a while that Mars contains the dried vestiges of rivers, lakes, and even seas as the study noted, “The presence of perennially wet surface environments on early Mars is well documented”. 

Peru being attacked by aliens!! Or illegal miners with back packs..

Members of the Peruvian Navy and Police traveled to the isolated community, which is located 10 hours by boat from the Maynas provincial capital of Iquitos, to investigate the strange disturbances in early August.

Last week, authorities said publicly that they believed the perpetrators were members of illegal gold mining gangs from Colombia and Brazil using advanced flying technology to terrorize the community,..


What we witnessed today was nothing short of remarkable.. Chips will fall where they may. More questions will be asked.. and witnesses will undoubtedly be doubted over a lack of specific names and locations of alien bodies and players.. But what we heard today was nothing short of historic..

What if the strike ends and no one cares?