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So any takers? What is the Jellyfish flying over a military base in Iraq?

So the powers that be had their private UFO Congressional briefing yesterday.

Nothing major publicly has been revealed at this time, besides some rumors that the UFOs or UAPs are inner dimensional .. Alex Jones said the same thing and so did Tucker Carlson.. which is weird. But they released some video of a jellyfish flying. Or something.


The Jellyfish was scene flying over a military base in Iraq.. Everyone seems to be intrigued..

There was a secret UFO briefing to Congress on Friday January 12 2024.. while no ‘new news’ was released as a result, some lawmakers’ responses made news after they went through the briefing.. Such as Rep. Robert Garcia..


🚨 Rep. Robert Garcia (D-CA) Confirms David Grusch UFO Crash Retrieval Allegations Are *Real* After Classified Briefing. Video courtesy of Jordan Clifford at NewsNation.

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Back to that jellyfish..

Word is, it was the ‘ghost story’ of the military base..

Cincoski says the video was taken from an aerostat, a big balloon that looks like a blimp and was over the base. It has cameras on it to keep a lookout for threats.

“Toward the end, it seemingly continued off into the distance,” Cincoski said. “It got smaller and smaller. It got seemingly far enough away where they could not see it anymore — whether it dropped into the water or it just continued over the lake, because there is a lake next to the base we were at. At no point in the video can you see it drop into the lake or shoot into the sky like there have been some claims. That never happened.”

Cincoski wondered if the object in the video could be nonhuman.

“It crossed my mind because the theories we had didn’t fully explain it,” he said. “Our curiosity kind of goes there. Is this something extraterrestrial or paranormal or whatever you want to call it?”