Back under the dome.. maybe this season will at least start a bit better: Stephen King apparently wrote episode 1..UNDER THE DOME returns tonight to CBS at 10pm. This time, according to Stephen King himself, no one under the dome is safe.. but will we be safe to watch? The original season was awful.. Maybe this go … Read moreBack UNDER THE DOME

Case of the Mondays

Mitsuhei Murata, the former Japanese Ambassador to both Switzerland and Senegal, explained that the ground beneath the plant’s Unit 4 is gradually sinking, and that the entire structure is very likely on the verge of complete collapse.. that compelling information is all but being ignored by the entire world ISIS Declares New Islamist Caliphate.. Statehood … Read moreCase of the Mondays

Yes we Narcan

Mom Wants Overdose Reversal Drug Available To Families of Addicts.. and with that a question of ethics abound » The number of people dying from heroin overdoses in Ohio has increased exponentially. State lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow an addict’s family or friends to give a drug that can halt an overdose. … Read moreYes we Narcan

The Shia has fallen

A part of me thinks that Shia LaBeouf  is a whore for attention.. the other part of me thinks his behavior has gone beyond the ‘act’ and is becoming real..  Nonetheless, his latest stint in the public eye involves his arrest at the Broadway musical Cabaret last night..  According to witnesses, reports, and all that: … Read moreThe Shia has fallen

Hooked on habits

Why cigarettes are more deadly than ever: Charity reveals the underhand tactics tobacco companies now use to make sure we’re hooked » I always find it funny to think how people are so accepting of the premise that cigarette companies put in chemicals to get people hooked, but yet dismiss “conspiracy theorists” for asserting (often … Read moreHooked on habits


Amazing cave art from 36,000 years ago .. Scientists claim that free will is an illusion.. ISIS executes the Iraqi judge who sentenced Saddam Hussein to death.. ISIS moving on to Baghdad..<br Jidhadists now using American humvees in Syria.. Iraq loses control of Syrian and Jordanian borders.. John Kerry presses Malaki..High stakes mission.. Another ‘strange … Read moreCASE OF THE MONDAYS