Tuesday terrors: Scary stories to tell on the news

A smattering and splattering of news of the real, the weird, the fictitiously, and the scandalous .. There are volumes more of daily headlines that can be covered.. but the wrap up would be far too many words .. Here’s the briefs:

A new report out today says that the pesticides used by farmers is not only deadly for the bugs on the crops, but also the workers who are around the chemicals. Brian Bienkowski writes that the pesticides are linked to depression and suicides, along with very sudden shifts in behavior.

Nichole Beaudry wrote an exceptionally emotional piece in the ATLANTIC today called “Murder in a time before Google.” It’s a good read, and focuses on the 1973 murder of her father–a man, that she writes, did not exist according to the internet..

Ebola is on our shores.. but do you want it at your doorstep? It may be, just in time for Halloween. As usual, there is at least one controversial Halloween costume each year. This time, it does not involve breasts hanging out or sexualized cartoon characters, instead it’s the disease that is ravaging a number of countries. Some wonder if the Ebola related Halloween apparel is too soon..

Another bit related to Halloween: The candy in Denver may contain pot. That dire warning comes from police in the city who are telling parents to brace themselves for the possibility of marijuana in this year’s candy haul..  In the 1970s, we checked apples for knives that never were in there.. is this the latest fear that will not materialize? Dude?

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and show people from another generation in time this headline: “Skype Takes on Snapchat with Qik App”..    Quite frankly, I don’t even know if I understand it.

Kachinga .. Ke$ha is in the news again.. This time, her haunted vagina has taken a backseat to real news. The star says that she was sexually, physically, and verbally abused by her producer.. According to her lawsuit, she would be forced drugs and alcohol and then the abuse would commence.  Even more, she makes the allegation that it almost led to her death..

Bill Murray says that the desire for an award for acting is like a disease, and argues that winning an Oscar can hurt your career. In the mean time, he has appeared on the cover of VARIETY magazine with the headline “Saint Bill.” And it’s a strange cover, indeed..


And finally some food for thought on why people are so curious about the morbid.. a fascinating tale of truth..

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