This is your life on Mars. Any questions?

The excitement has long been building for the inevitable mission to Mars. The notion is amazing that human beings will expand their reach, reach for the stars themselves.. and the planet Mars..

But reality is not always as pleasant as some of our hopes and desires.
Such is the case with the Martian experiment. Those who would venture to the rocky red planet may not have much time to enjoy it..

According to new research from the University of Massachusetts, humans would likely perish after about 68 days on Mars.

Limits to the human condition.. Limits to technology. The colonization of Mars may be difficult if it only lasts days instead of years..

Are humans destined to be stuck on Earth for the rest of existence? Are we trapped in this war and modern dystopia for good?

It’s either here for 68 years.. or Mars for 68 days.
You pick your poison..