Tuesday terrors: Scary stories to tell on the news

A smattering and splattering of news of the real, the weird, the fictitiously, and the scandalous .. There are volumes more of daily headlines that can be covered.. but the wrap up would be far too many words .. Here’s the briefs: A new report out today says that the pesticides used by farmers is … Read moreTuesday terrors: Scary stories to tell on the news

The kids aren’t alright..

Quiet communities are becoming shocked in 2014.. Slenderman stabbings, murderous rampages by the youth, PURGE style threats, and cyber stalking..  While crime rates are falling, the crimes that are occurring are garnering headlines around the world for the outrageous nature they posses. Enter this story from Pennsylvania, something you have probably already heard about on … Read moreThe kids aren’t alright..