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This is video of a drone flyover of the city of Chernobyl, Russia..I suppose we all know of the deadly and tragic history from the end of the 20th century..

Now, so many decades later—but no danger is gone—a drone captured chilling footage of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. The city is stuck in time—people who were mandated to leave after the nuclear disaster in 1986 were told they’d be gone for three days. They never came back, but because the government lied to them, many of their personal possessions were simply left in place. The images from the drone were courtesy of Danny Cook, who went to Chernobyl to film the video for a CBS 60 MINUTES piece..

The video portrays an overgrown city.. vegetation is lush.. the radiated earth has taken over the streets capes..

The nightmare is nuclear catastrophe will not be over any generation soon.. But the remnants of what was are still cold, vacant, and seemingly chilling..


[caption id="attachment_4816" align="alignright" width="370"] AP PHOTO[/caption]

I suppose dictators of repressive regimes just can't take a joke.
THE READ: Sony's New Movies Leak Online Following Hack Attack »
This is a big deal in the entertainment world. Sony’s new movies have leaked onto the Internet after this hack.

At this moment, the story is still in the development stage.. but we know this, at least five new movies from Sony Pictures are now on file sharing websites across the internet.. The HOLLYWOOD REPORTER says this,
Copies of DVD screeners of four unreleased Sony movies including the upcoming “Annie” are getting some unwelcome early exposure, but nothing compared to the frenzy enveloping “Fury,” the war pic still in theaters since bowing last month.

“Fury” has been downloaded by over 888,000 unique IP addresses since showing up on peer-to-peer networks on Nov. 27, according to piracy tracking firm Excipio. That’s high enough to be the seco…

This Sunday morning is coming down..

Normally  this weekly type of post is called the 'Sunday morning sidewalk' .. but today this Sunday morning is coming down..  The reason is not clear, but there is a deep concern in my heart about some personal issues that seem to be developing in my family. Let me explain without giving away personal secrets--I'm a 20th century boy and don't share my entire life..

My son has grown fond of saying that he "knows everything" as of late.. It brings comic relief when he proclaims it, but he is entirely serious about this.. He truly says he knows everything and means it. Ayden is not yet even 4, but year somehow he does surprise me with his knowledge..  At times I think he knows more than me! He has become a reservoir of my memory, even telling me at times where I put items that I lost.. Found thanks to his keen eye and ear always being aware..

But he does not know everything. None of us do..
What I fear more than anything t…


Something new to fear: The werewolf shooter..

You can read the full CNN report here..

Times are getting strange.. now a man in a werewolf suit silently walked into a store and shot a 58-year-old construction worker. There is a massive manhunt on.. FROM CNN: After the shooting, the assailant took off on foot. Despite an "exhaustive search," the gunman was nowhere to be found, Kelliher said... There is also no word on a motive. But the image is certainly creepy..

Truth and dating: Two creepy clips from the past to get under your skin

Reality is stranger than fiction..

Two blasts from the past can prove that, courtesy of users who have uploaded certain videos to YouTube.

Ed Edwards was a serial killer who murdered countless amounts of people around the United States. There is even a new book claiming that he may have been involved with the 1990s famed Jon Bonet Ramsey murder.. There are others who even believe that Edwards was the Zodiac Killer. But On October 17, 1972, Edward Wayne Edwards, the man we know was a mass murderer, appeared on the game show TO TELL THE TRUTH. He was a con man.. And clearly, even on this show, was telling things very far from the truth:
x x x x

Rodney Alcala was another murderer and rapist who made a television debut on a game show in the 1970s..  A number of sexually explicit photographs of boys were also found, some of which could have been additional victims of him.. Alcala was also known as the DATING GAME killer, because that was the 1970s show…


The internet is good for a few things: Cat GIFs and memes top the list as of late.. people from around the planet were quick to create a comedic goldmine of Kim Kardashian rear end jokes.. Now comes along the newest villain from the next in the STAR WARS franchise, and already creative minds have been inspired to think outside the box..

The first trailer for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS debuted this Thanksgiving weekend.. after much anticipation, the biggest thing that people have seemingly latched onto is the newest light saber style for the Empire.. The Dark Side is back with the red color, but  the flames seem to make a letter T.. some compared it to a bizarre style of the cross, perhaps a the perversion of the trinity? A deeper message in the hooded figure walking in the forest?

As for me? I like it.. It surprised me a bit when I saw it, maybe that was the intention..
For those of you who aren't  a STAR WARS fan and don't have one in your inner circle of family and friends, y…

Saturday morning cartoons: A collection of news briefs from the world and beyond

The holiday purge is over. Food is eaten and those leftovers just don't look appetizing anymore.. do they? For my they stopped being attractive to my senses on Thursday night when I had me third helping of turkey and fixins'..

In the world at large, some news can be consider leftovers.. Here's what I think matters to me, and perhaps should to you, as well. Presented in link form. Click on what you want and you can go away.

Shopping in Ferguson and St Louis were affected by large protests over the Michael Brown shooting.. It led to arrests and even mall closures..
ne rallying call being heard in some places on Black Friday: No justice, No profit. The protesters can't stop the steamrolling profit of online stores, though.. Amazon smashed Black Friday sales yesterday with their busiest day of the year. And if you're a protester, how do you stop online retail?

Could BABADOOK be the horror movie of the year? So many mainstream sources do the impossible: Positively review a…

Dook .. Dook.. Dook.. The horror movie of the year?

Yesterday, the HORROR REPORT linked up several news sites' stories about the horror film BABADOOK. All were positive--for a horror movie that is surprising to have mainstream sources actually back the film. There's another today: SLATE magazine says that you should see this terrifying movie about motherhood.. 
And there is more: The LA TIMES says that the movie is smart and delivers grown up horrors..
The Mary Sue says you will never escape this best horror movie of 2014..

The reaction to BABABDOOK has been interesting to read.. I have read countless reader reviews and many of them say that the movie was so off-putting about children, they have decided not to have any..  One commenter on a story even wrote that the child was so repulsive in this film, they were rooting for the monster..
The BABADOOK is a metaphor in our time for sometimes.. I think for the pains of single parenting. This is a scary thought that many people have to endure .. There are tons of single moms and dads o…

Empty restaurants and quiet streets

My life has changed considerably since the carefree days of my early 20s.. I am not saying that is a negative thing, but just instead a product of growing.. Interestingly, there are times I go back and see even what I posted on the HORROR REPORT about 10 years back, and really not much has changed in that regard.. It's my personal life where the most has occurred..

When you're a dad, and your wife is a mom, you're tired by ten and rarely get the chance to get out of the house.. date nights are a dime a dozen, and even when they take place you're mostly worried for the last half of it about how your child is doing at home with whoever is watching..

There are other times though where a simple act of driving can open the floodgates of memories.. Last night, a simple act like that did happen. Around 9, I got extremely hungry for food from a little place called Hollywood Pizza in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania--I name it because you should consider it if you're ever in a zip …

A Black Friday news collection

Here are the briefs and long reads to know about, now that your turkey induced coma has wore off and you're most likely caffeinated as hell for your shopping steam roll.. First take a deep breath and enjoy your worldview. Or maybe get it shattered by facts ..

The news:

The New York TIMES has an interesting profile running on Marcel-Lehel Lazar, otherwise known as the hacker GUCCIFER.  He caused chaos and heartache to all of those who he stole the emails of.. The New York TIMES also mentions one other Guccifer prediction that may scare your Christmas socks off: A 2015 nuclear attack in Chicago and an unnamed city in Pennsylvania.. Many are discounting that as conspiracy lunacy, while others may be getting their iodine ready..

There is some perspective on Black Friday today courtesy of a YouTube video that compares shoppers in 1983 and today. Needless to say, our animal instincts have kicked in to high gear and we are acting like hunters in ancient times again. The 1980s outfits were m…

They're off! Black Friday madness from sea to sea.

The media reminds me a lot of Andre Linoge from Stephen King's STORM OF THE CENTURY. In that fictitious horror tale, Linoge was an aging devil looking for a child apprentice to teach the evil ways.. he found one by demanding a town during a massive blizzard to give him what he wants and he will go away. After chaos and brutal fights ensued, Linoge took his child and flew off into the distance, leaving the mess of the world behind him.

The media does just that. In Ferguson last week, after drumming up people and revving their airwave engines, they inspired a riot. They wanted it. They needed ratings, and knew that once the grand jury decision regarding the Michael Brown shooting would be revealed, their dreams could be fulfilled. A town burned, even some media folk got their heads slammed with bricks. And the next day, as the smoldering mess was still too hot to touch, the media slowly vacated the scene and took their news trucks with them. They really, really don't care about M…


There are so many reasons I love this photo of me and my son Ayden having a snowball fight.

First off, he is clearly winning.. secondly, I am wearing socks on my hands because I couldn’t find gloves.. and thirdly, in some artistic oddity, it appears that I am vomiting a tree branch..

While I did not do such, my hands were not kept warm by the socks. Ayden whooped me hard with giant ice bombs.. and we laughed until we couldn't feel our toes. An amazing early winter snowstorm of fun.

The big sale: Selling your Thanksgiving for commerce

NIGHT AT THE RACES! The early bird Black Friday specials begin tonight: Thanksgiving »
I am half inclined to not care about this Black Friday mayhem.. To a big degree, throughout my teenage and adult life, Thanksgiving night has been boring. Prior to my married and fatherhood days, friends and I would take to the movie theaters and then whatever 24/7 restaurant still served on Thanksgiving and burn up time.. It was awfully dull. Same often went for Christmas night, too. So I certainly get the idea that people just want to do something and get out of a house—especially if they had it up to their throbbing temples with family brouhahas..

But as far as the shopping? It’s insane to ignite any fire in my rear end to go to a mall or Walmart tonight into tomorrow morning. There will be trampling. Mayhem. Near riots. Shootings. Punches. Fights. Screaming.

Just tonight, while getting a last minute pie on our way to Thanksgiving dinner, we stopped at a Walmart since they were the only slave store …


This is my son Ayden peering through a decorated window looking at the first snowstorm of the year, which incidentally falls on the day before Thanksgiving 2014.

While he’s excited by the prospect of playing in this later, it will most likely only last for a few minutes outside when he ventures away from
Technology and television sets… He’s not a big snow lover, at least not yet.. but one thing he sure loves now is his understanding that today was the first day his daycare got canceled because of the weather..

I remember those days myself as a child, staring at the bottom of the television screen waiting for my school to be named, angry when it wasn’t…

Sometimes being a parent is like watching yourself grow, enjoying the same things they do, and almost feeling like it’s happening for the first time to you as well.

So if it’s snowing where you are enjoy it. If it’s not, enjoy whatever weather nature has given you.

Mutley the Dog got in some action tonight, too..

Careful travels, and let your …

Season's greetings from the gates of hell

The sign could not have been in a more bizarre spot.

As protests began last night in Ferguson, Missouri, police and people had a stand off, a “Season’s Greetings” sign was evident in a number of photographs.. Fires eventually raged while President Obama addressed the nation, and rest became a blip in history. Another tale of race relations that will be taught in history books–depending on who writes them and what century a teacher picks to teach..

Seasons greetings, indeed..
A season of hell, a season of turbulence and crisis.. a season without reason..

That is what it seems like we are living in right now.

Rage without reason..
Treason in this season,
Greetings from Ferguson,
But who will stop the bleeding?

There was one other piece of oddity today from the news.. Darren Wilson, in a part of his testimony to a grand jury that eventually say no reason to go further in prosecuting the police office, said that Michael Brown looked like a demon during their scuffle. 

Demons and villains. |
The medi…


Preparations are being made.. Turkeys are getting set for their pardons. Others are plucked and ready for an oven baked  night of finger licking food. Thanksgiving is set for this week. No stopping it, the calender does not lie and time does not give any extra seconds to get things right.. But things this year may be very wrong. A potential storm is in the making for Thanksgiving in my neck of the turkey. Of course, the fact it could not materialize is still present--as happened with a Thanksgiving storm in 2013 that never took off--but the potential is there. It could strike on party night.. and linger into the morning. If it happens. Making the planes, trains, and automobiles even worse off ..

But it's Sunday. And if it's Sunday, there's a lonely sidewalk to stroll on. Get ready..
News of the world coming at you now:

Grounded? Thanksgiving snowstorm possible in the Northeast.. Accuweather says this:  Delays in Store for Weekend Travel // East on alert..

Washington POST Sunda…

The news of the day..

Saturday begins.. noteworthy events continue.. a conglomeration of things that matter from the fruited plain and beyond..

Today is the 51st anniversary of the JFK assassination. I contemplated this all week, and listened to some amazing GROUND ZERO WITH CLYDE LEWIS shows as well. It angers me to think that we don't have truth, and that even after all these decades are done, the main theory of the assassination being perpetrated by one lone gunman still seems to rely on such shaky truth. And the girls seeing Lee Oswald drinking a Coke!? Ignored.. a man at the underpass being hit by a stray bullet? Forgotten.. A rush of a crowd running to the Grassy Knoll? We are told they were simply chasing echoes from the main shooter: Oswald on the 6th floor in his 'sniper's den.' And then, Jack Ruby kills the main that Hoover and company immediately blamed for the assassination and America, as a result, skyrocketed involvement in foreign entanglements.. The only thing that makes sens…


The very normal and random act of a cup falling down off of the sink today caused me a little concern until I contemplated what had just occurred.

I was moving from one room to the next when I placed the cup on the edge of the bathroom sink. I left the room for a split second and thought to myself, “that coup is going to fall” ..

And that it did.

I went back into the room, wiped up the coffee which had fallen from the cup onto the floor, and checked the mug for any potential breaks. This was a very special mug after all, it was my Batman Father’s Day hero cup given to me the first year my son was alive..

After cleaning up and leaving the room, I stopped to think back as to what just happened.

Quite literally, I even retrace my steps. I went back into the room and realized where the cup markings had been, as we know coffee cups often leave a stain outline of where the its put down.

What I realized was astonishing. There should be no logical way the cup would’ve fallen off of the sink judging…


It was a normal late evening rush hour.
Cars attempting to burst out of the moving traffic jams caused by too many people leaving work at the same time..
Trucks pushing and shoving themselves into the front of the line, just to make traffic back up further..
And noise..

Voices raised on radio..So much noise.. So much clutter. The voices on the radio wildly claiming that President Obama should be impeached for amnesty.. And all the while, proponents of the President, like Nancy Pelosi, were making their own wild claims by saying the Obama plan to legalize millions of Mexicans was akin to Lincoln’s proclamation freeing the slaves..

But the sun was setting.. and those voices were being suddenly drown out by the reality in front of me.

The clutter of the day, along with the tension raising diatribes of talking heads in the air, didn’t matter.. Their sounds were gone. Instead a brilliant sunset was taking place in front of me..

The countless stresses were immediately alleviated. I was almost froz…


A family member of mine, name and official title nameless at this point, told me a strange story of a bizarre nature. She swears by it, and I can relay it only with this caveat: She comes with a strong mind, a strong will, and an amazing ability to sense things that others may not. Along with that, she is not the person who ‘cries wolf’ or sees oddities where there are none. In essence, she’s the perfect witness to a crime: Someone who will restate the factual and not embellish on the unseen. In the case of the story she told me today, the unseen in the central focus of what has happened to her..

In short, her family dog has been acting strange as of late. Each time the family leaves the house, the pet makes a bowel movement on the same place of the upstairs hallway in her house–like clockwork and with pinpoint resolve, the dog is in the focused spot each time. The latest time she went out, just last night as a matter of fact, and came home, a dog mess was right back where he always le…


Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her »
In the wake of the latest allegations, Netflix has postponed its plan to release Cosby’s new comedy special.
“Stuffing feelings of rape and my unresolved issues from this incident has drove into a life of trying to hurt myself,” Dickinson said in an interview with co-host Kevin Frazier. Dickinson, a former judge on “America’s Next Top Model,” has publicly battled substance abuse for decades
This is getting really bad for Bill Cosby..
The man who wanted people to meme him..
And now this.

Meanwhile, the controversy over how journalists are covering the Cosby scandals from the 20th century is taking center stage—yet again thanks to CNN no less. A few days ago anchor Don Lemon made some news by saying ‘there are not ways to perform oral sex if you didn’t want to do it’ ..  Even more, Lemon thinks that the accusers, including Janice Dickinson, should have bitten off Bill Cosby’s genitals. 

That got me thinking about how…


Filming is just about over for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN.. and a trailer is on the way soon. That is pretty exciting news for me, how about you?

There is a high chance, according to these online trade rumors, that production of the film will soon be complete, and that Henry Cavill has concluded his scenes..

There are some major rumors brewing that the trailer for this movie will be attached to THE HOBBIT release on December 17th 2014.. If so, an early Christmas gift for people awaiting the BATMAN VS SUPERMAN movie will be the slickly produced advertisement to drum up even more excitement about the movie..

That is what also makes me worry about BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. They need to do this right.. The word is the trailer will be BATMAN HEAVY.. I think that is understandable. We have not had SUPERMAN invade our pop culture as much as BATMAN over the past 10 years..

But let’s just hope the trailer is great. And hope the movie is greater..


Additive found soap, toothpaste and shampoo is linked to cancer »
Triclosan, an antimicrobial commonly found in the products, causes liver fibrosis and cancer in mice, say University of California, San Diego researchers.
Alright.. let me level with everyone. I am a germaphobe. But I am also a hypochondriac. So on any given day at any given  time I fear germs, but also think I will get some form of obscure cancer..I feel very bad for people who live with me.

That said, this story is detrimental to my mental security! The prospects of something that I worship, the antibacterial soaps of all kinds, giving me cancer of the liver!?

The fear I have of each has suddenly skyrocketed.. my mind is perplexed by which is the greater fear—the biggest of the two should be the guiding light for the rest of my life, right?

The other part that may be fascinating.. Antibacterial soap, for all the worship veneration occurred, may not work anyway!

The DAILY MAIL report says,
 One basic problem is that antibacte…


….but I really did not realize just how bad it was until further research into news bits and the study of the photographs.. the snow is piled high—residents who have been witness to monster snowbursts before said they have never seen anything quite like what has occurred. Even more, four are dead due to lightning strikes and thunder snow.. An entire basketball team was rescued after becoming stranded.. 

At this point, the motorists who are stranded on I-90 have no idea when they will get off the highway.. And get this: NBC news reports,
Almost 76 inches of snow fell in the suburbs in southern Buffalo, according to The National Weather Service. This total was a record over a 24-hour period for anywhere in the U.S. on record. It prompted New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a state of emergency in 10 counties. Among hundreds of trapped vehicles on the roads was the team bus of the Niagara University Purple Eagles women’s basketball team. It was stuck for more than 24 hours around 50 mile…


There is trouble on the VIEW—the most annoying show on television I made add, one I only watch when I am sitting in a Jack Williams waiting room or doctor’s office.. Nonetheless, many people watch it. And the studio audience shrieks like wild hyenas daily.

The latest bit of gossip that, in the end I don’t care much about, is this: Whoopi and Rosie are involved in quite the back stage feud since O’Donnell returned to co-host the show.. Along with that feud: Bad ratings for the program.. Now the rumor  mill churns: Maybe a nationwide search for a new host once Rosie gets fired, something insiders claim is coming.. 

I have a major problem with the VIEW.. The few times I have watched it, the entertainment value was less than enjoyable—yes, I suppose I did not ‘enjoy the view’ as the hosts admonish us to do daily.. But even more, the dumbed-down type of information spewing is the worst. The women are opinionated.. but the news that is offered is a shell of reality. We are treated to talking …

Rainfall from the soul

Darkness pervades,
Unity evades,
Rainfall is strong,
Nature's not wrong

November is here,
And almost gone,
The cold will begin,
Nature's not wrong

A deep and dark fog
A drenching soak,
The cloak of cold is long,
But nature's not wrong

The monkey village of Jakarta

This is a little creepy on one hand and awful on another..

There is a village in Jakarta where the masked monkeys prevail..

It’s known as the monkey village..Their plight is wretched.. and then they are forced to wear the creepiest masks I have ever seen..


Pounding away finally pays off..

Big news in the radio world..
You may remember the deep voice of John B. Wells on Coast to Coast AM. He was the weekend guy on the show until George Noory figured out that he was getting more popular than him and had him terminated from memory at the show..

Wells went off into Internet radio land, doing his own show called Caravan to Midnight—an odd name for a morning program..

But the uphill battle is paying off.. Wells has now been launched into national syndication..Talkers Magazine reports, 
Entercom’s WRKO, Boston joins the affiliate roster as the first major market station, airing a Saturday evening edition of the show.  The “Caravan to Midnight” program debuted in February of this year
Wells’ website offered up a brief feature of the types of programs he has been broadcasting..

I have constantly supported Wells, except during those times when he delved a little far too much off a deep end of Sandy Hook conspiracy theories.. But it’s good to see him suc…


Yet more paranormal activity makes the rounds on mainstream news, as it so often happens these days in the aftermath of the gates of hell exploding open..

There is video online and being shared amongst the masses of an exorcism outside a Starbucks in Texas.. Some are mocking the scene as just another day in the Bible belt, others are freaked out to their core by the nature of the footage..

The video was posted on REDDIT.. the user said that he regularly sees Bible meetings at the Starbucks, but that this was the first time a saliva spewing exorcism took place..

No word on the amount of expresso that went into the possessed man before the video was filmed. Nor is there any expression of opinion from anyone involved or the Starbucks where it was filmed..

And as to whether it’s a hoax? Also unknown..

But this is: The woman person right inside the window could care less, with each photo showing the person continuous reading a book as though the demon is not being expelled outside..

Bizarre scen…


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