Yesterday’s disaster is today’s solar park

On Friday Ukraine launched photovoltaic panels at the former Chernobyl power plant ..A new history being built at the park that caused so much chaos.. The 1 million-euro ($1.2-million), one-megawatt plant is located just a hundred metres (yards) from a giant metal dome sealing the remains of the the nuclear power plant which suffered a … Read moreYesterday’s disaster is today’s solar park

A creepy REDDIT post about something seen in Chernobyl

You will have to read the REDDIT post yourself in entirety.. it’s a great read. Whether a work of fiction or a true gritty report about what actually may exist within the destruction in the city.. unknown. But it’s a great read. In summary, the poster indicates that his father told him of alien creatures … Read moreA creepy REDDIT post about something seen in Chernobyl


[youtube] This is video of a drone flyover of the city of Chernobyl, Russia..I suppose we all know of the deadly and tragic history from the end of the 20th century.. Now, so many decades later—but no danger is gone—a drone captured chilling footage of the city of Pripyat, Ukraine. The city is stuck … Read moreCHERNOBYL FROM A DRONE