Dook .. Dook.. Dook.. The horror movie of the year?

Yesterday, the HORROR REPORT linked up several news sites’ stories about the horror film BABADOOK. All were positive–for a horror movie that is surprising to have mainstream sources actually back the film. There’s another today: SLATE magazine says that you should see this terrifying movie about motherhood.. 

And there is more: The LA TIMES says that the movie is smart and delivers grown up horrors..
The Mary Sue says you will never escape this best horror movie of 2014..

The reaction to BABABDOOK has been interesting to read.. I have read countless reader reviews and many of them say that the movie was so off-putting about children, they have decided not to have any..  One commenter on a story even wrote that the child was so repulsive in this film, they were rooting for the monster..

The BABADOOK is a metaphor in our time for sometimes.. I think for the pains of single parenting. This is a scary thought that many people have to endure .. There are tons of single moms and dads out there, split by a high divorce rate or even the tragic experiences of death itself of one of the people in the family.. Raising one child alone–or even more– is an unsettling premise in itself. Imagine when you through in some paranormal entities and a dook dook dook pounding on a night time door.. It’s a frightening thought to say the least..

The movie clearly features an overwhelmed mother and a troubled child

But if you want to see this ‘greatest horror movie’ of the year, good luck: 99.9% of you will not be able to in theaters, since the release is so small. You may need to be in Los Angeles to see it..
Or on Demand.
So demand it. And see it.

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