Patient three

The Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas Texas confirmed that another hospital worker tested positive for Ebola..

The worker apparently had a fever on Tuesday, was quickly tested, and was isolated within 90 minutes because results showed that the 70% fatal disease is present..

Unknown at this time are several facts, including who the person is and what contact with Thomas Duncan there may have been.. Regular? Occasional? Was protective gear malfunctioning in Duncan’s room? Another fact missing is whether or not this person was among the 70 people already being monitored for the disease…

Also unknown at this time as how many people this new patient, and hospital worker, actually came in contact with! The ever broadening Ebola crisis is now taking center stage deep in the heart of Dallas.

It seems very likely that we will hear more cases pop up over the coming days, if not hours. That 21 day incubation period has come and gone in many cases, and now the people who have been exposed to Ebola will undoubtedly begin to get revealed as the disease takes over their internal organs and begins to cause hemorrhagic conditions..

The concerning part, too, is that American hospitals may not be equipped for a rush of hundreds of patients coming to emergency rooms with symptoms of Ebola, even though many of the people who think they have it will not and fear will guide them to the hospital… Hypochondriacs exist.. But what if one actually has Ebola…?

The World Health Organization warned that 10,000 people per week will soon get Ebola…

I think back to the Georgia Guide stones intrigue from a few days ago, when the new pillar that said 2014 was installed–and removed a few days later. It would certainly seem that somebody knows something more about big events place final months of this year

All of the strange blood moons may now make sense. Blood above and below.

Is it raining is it snowing, is a hurricane a blowing? The danger must be growing.. IMG_1878.JPG

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