Heading back to non school any day now

Going back to school never looked so bleak!?

So .. back to school. The nation’s school system has been tasked with figuring out how to educate the youth of our country.. Online? A mix in between?

Each district has been choosing different schemes.

But the harder part has been college: Dorm life. Party life. Sex lives.

All of those mixtures coupled with a hundred-year pandemic has given college educators and administrators the toughest syllabus in a generation.




And already schools and plans are buckling under the weight of the world!

Just a few days ago, a local college to our location found itself in a predicament. Bloomsburg University, often known as a party school, brought everyone back to their dorms. And just days into the fall semester, the institution decided to go online only! The number of 90 students testing positive for Covid-19 and growing was the reason.

And by Friday: Bloomsburg University on Friday reported another 29 students have tested positive for COVID-19, bringing to 119..

Penn State University reported Friday that 28 students there had tested positive in the past week, all on the main University Park campus except for a single case at Penn State Behrend in Erie. It brought the university’s total to 31 cases since Aug. 7, according to Penn State’s COVID-19 dashboard..

The University of Alabama — which had planned for face-to-face instruction in 80% of classes and was allowing indoor gatherings of up to 50 people — has had the worst case volume, with positive tests approaching 600 in just one week.

And the party life is being blamed by some! Schools are not actively monitoring social media and even cracking down on lifestyles.

Northeastern sent warnings to 115 freshmen who said in an Instagram poll that they plan to party. The university went as far as to threaten to rescind admissions…

Purdue and Syracuse have both suspended students who have been caught partying, and UConn has evicted them.



Columbia South Carolina: The Columbia Fire Department had to break up an overcrowded pool party where hundreds of revelers ignored the city’s mask ordinance and social distancing mandates.

Alabama slama: A coronavirus tide is rolling at the University of Alabama — where 1,200 students have tested positive since the school opened this month. The alarming stat was reported on the university’s own online “COVID-19 Dashboard.” Classes had resumed two weeks ago at the school — home of the Crimson Tide football team —  where nearly 30,000 students attend.


Zoom here we come?


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