School returns: Children now partake in the grand experiment

Doesn’t it seem that we’re just venturing into a great experiment with our youth? This idea for the entire year that COVID-19 would not spread amongst them will now be tested.

And already schools and colleges are seeing little flareups that could lead to bigger outbreaks.

Despite parents across the nation and even world hoping for a “normal school year” that Hope will dwindle with each new classroom and each new case.

I have my own son beginning school this week, the reality of this grand experiment is heading home. I have relatives in college, as most likely to you..

The social norms of yesterday had become the repugnant future and present day.

The virus did and just “go away.“ And most likely will not, some experts say that COVID-19 will still be here flaring in 2021 and even 2022..


One school year at a time…

Hopes and prayers for a year filled with joy, education, and health.

But trepidations of the year filled with chaos, sickness, and darkness.

Let’s hope that the light wins over the darkness during the grand experiment: The school year of 20-21..