The creepy lady in white at a construction site

Some are posting this image as a conclusive ghost photo.. others are debating its authenticity ..

This is what BIRMINGHAM LIVE reports from the United Kingdom:

The eerie image has baffled security bosses at the site on Sherborne Street since it was captured in the early hours of Tuesday, August 18. The vision was picked up by CCTV in the dead of night – but when security performed a full patrol of the area just minutes later they found it all clear. The woman appears to be wearing a dress and carrying an object as she walks past building materials at the site, near Broad Street. Security staff were alerted after a motion sensor camera picked up movement and snapped the sinister image.


Adam Lees from Limitless Security

The manager for Limitless Security was quoted in various British sources saying,

We provide security for the building site on Sherborne Street, in Birmingham city centre. In the early hours of Tuesday we had an alert to say a motion-sensored camera had picked up movement on the site. The images come through to my laptop, so I checked and saw that picture. I notified security on site straightaway who did a full patrol but found nothing. It’s incredibly strange. I have no idea what it could have been but I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.”

Adam Lees from Limitless Security

There are people online who want to see the actual footage instead of just a screen shot of when the supposed apparition made itself known..

Others are claiming that when you blow the photo up to a higher resolution. You can see pixelation around the figure of the woman, leading some to believe it was added to the image.

The security company also is capitalizing on the incident and sudden paranormal fame, with a post on its own website .. the point out how this has been covered by several highly read British papers. And get a great plug for their security cameras..


Security cameras that work so well, they even pick up ghosts on construction sites carrying something to your workers.

But she’s not wearing a mask, and certainly putting other ghosts at risk.

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